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Can Hemp Flower Cigarettes Help Tobacco Users Kick the Habit?

Smoking high-CBD hemp flower helped the CEO of Pure CBD Exchange stop smoking tobacco. Now, his company is producing hemp flower cigarettes they hope will help others kick the habit.

Did a Cannabis Company Just Patent the Spliff?

While many see mixing cannabis with cancer-causing tobacco as an abomination, doctors at one cannabis company are reframing it as an innovation that could help save lives.

Is a Tobacco Giant Trying to Take Over the Vape Pen Market?

In a move that could shake up the vape pen market, the parent company of Philip Morris has quietly patented dozens of devices that could be used to consume cannabis.

Marlboro Maker in Talks With Canadian Cannabis Company

Would you buy Marlboro-brand Kush?

When Will the Public Consumption of Cannabis Be Legal?

Despite the fact that over half of the United States has legal access to some form of cannabis, publicly consuming it is illegal. What will it take to change that?

Massachusetts Tobacco Wholesalers Want a Piece of the Cannabis Pie

The tobacco industry in Massachusetts is trying to get a piece of what’s expected to be a lucrative state cannabis market.

Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco Could Hurt Heart Health, Improve Memory

A new research study from University College London is the first to examine how cannabis and tobacco interact together when mixed.

A Strange Blend: Why Are Europeans Mixing Cannabis and Tobacco?

Cannabis doesn’t carry the sort of health hazards tobacco does, a majority of studies say. But that doesn't change the European habit of mixing the two.

Consider the Spliff

What's the appeal of a spliff? Why take ground cannabis and mix it with tobacco, a known carcinogen, especially if you're not a cigarette smoker?

The Medical Minute: Cannabis Smokers’ Lungs Are as Bad as 80-Year Olds’ (No, Not Really)

Recent reports cover a study that analyzed lung concerns in eight hospital patients in Northern Wales. However, a deeper look into the study will paint a very different picture.