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The 10 best blunt wraps for 2023

Published on December 22, 2022 · Last updated January 13, 2023

Discover the family-owned company that beat out Backwoods and other leading leaf brands to take the top spot in our latest power puff rankings.

The practice of smoking cannabis in a blunt, or hollowed out cigar leaf, gained popularity in 1980s New York City. The melting pot of Caribbean immigrants and Black Americans made natural fronto leaf, Dutches, and Phillies an essential part of the East Coast smoker’s experience over the decades. According to a 2015 study, 20% of regular smokers prefer blunts to other consumption methods.

Big Daddy Kane with a blunt on Raw album cover, 1989.
In 1988, Brooklyn’s Big Daddy Kane rapped “Try to front, perpetrating a stunt/When you know that I’ll smoke you up like a blunt,” on “Raw.” The rest is history. (Warner Bros. Records)

Blunts are durable, deliver a powerful high, and are hard to visually differentiate from tobacco-filled cigars. That combination makes them more convenient than joints or pipes for smokers in places that heavily criminalize the plant—especially for communities that were impacted by harsher marijuana laws and biased enforcement during the War on Drugs.

In 1993, New York native Tupac taught Snoop Dogg how to roll a blunt in California, turning Snoop off of joints forever. Today, Snoop reportedly smokes about 10 blunts per day by himself, and has said he goes through 81 per day in the past. For time’s sake, Snoop employs a personal blunt roller to stay ahead of the game.

How to roll a blunt in 6 easy steps

Today, blunts remain a popular method for consuming cannabis around the globe. This week, California began a ban on flavored tobacco products, including products from popular brands like Swisher Sweets and Backwoods. The FDA and other states have also outlawed some flavored blunt wraps. They claim that sellers market to and exploit children and minority groups.

To adjust to bans and health concerns, there are more brands than ever providing both natural and processed leaves that are optimized for blunt lovers worldwide. Sort through the growing field of options with Leafly’s 10 best blunt wraps for 2023, based on quality, consistency, and price.

Paxton’s Pearls by Brothers Broadleaf

Strong, clean, consistent—Brothers Broadleaf offers everything a blunt smoker desires from their roll up. Every Pearl is a work of art, and even their discounted Dudz packs stand up among the world’s best blunt leaves. (Brothers Broadleaf)
Strong, clean, consistent—Brothers Broadleaf offers everything a blunt smoker desires from their roll up. Every Pearl is a work of art, and even their discounted Dudz packs stand up among the world’s best blunt leaves. (Brothers Broadleaf)

This Nicaraguan family-owned brand has built a cult following by offering what few other brands can: Consistently cut and colored blunt wraps that are free of chemicals. We’ve been hooked all year. Mainly from the clean, smooth, and easy pull. But there’s more to love: Like premier packaging, and angel-soft leaves that are pliable but firm.

The Brothers Broadleaf’s top products are the Paxton’s Pearls. Each Pearl is masterfully picked and cured to deliver your selection of a healthy dark (Black Broadleaf Pearls) or mild (White Havana Pearls) leaf, every single time. If you prefer a lighter leaf, they also have Dawson’s Dudz.

Whatever color and boldness you desire, getting a full five-pack of dark, mild, or light will feel similar to a Skittles lover receiving a bag full of their favorite flavor (all reds!). Even the best leaves from other brands can be a mystery bag that may only include one or two of your favorite type. So if you ever want to gift the blunt smoker in your life, find out how dark they like their leaf—then Brothers Broadleaf will go above and beyond expectations.

Snoop Dogg’s top blunt roller is a woman


Cigar leaves used for smoking cannabis flower.(Backwoods)
(Courtesy of Backwoods)

Yes, Backwoods remain the standard for blunt smokers nationwide. No matter how expensive they get (they’re taxed $12-18 per five-pack in some cities), there’s few substitutes for these leaves in most areas.

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Few blunt wraps hit better overall than a good Backwood leaf. The only challenge is finding a full pack of winners, since many come with damaged or discolored cigars. Despite that drawback, the Backwoods brand has enjoyed a decade of dominance, thanks to mass distribution, a wide selection of quality flavors, and incredible influencer marketing in the Hip Hop community.

Hands down the world’s most popular leaf, rappers like Moneybagg Yo, Chief Keef, and Lil Baby love to brag that they can fit “3.5 (grams) in a Backwood,” but the high price and hit-or-miss consistency (some five packs only have 2-3 quality leaves) put Backwoods out of reach for many price-conscious smokers.

Swisher Sweets and Leaf

Cigarillos used for smoking cannabis flower.(Swisher Sweets)
Processed cigarillos and natural leaves are used for smoking cannabis flower in blunts. (Courtesy of Swisher Sweets)

This classic cigarillo brand has been a stoner staple for decades, especially in the American South and West Coast. The low price and wide availability are hard to argue with, which is why their signature red and silver packs are ubiquitous in smoke shops and gas stations nationwide. The recent ban on flavored Swishers in California could hurt business. But the brand is still well positioned in most other states.

What’s the difference between joints, blunts, and spliffs?

They also offer Swisher Leaf products, which have flourished nationwide by providing a low-cost alternative to Backwoods and other natural leaf wraps. Both Swisher Sweets and Leafs burn steady and clean, making them a staple for OG blunt blowers. And they continue to fly out of retailers, often two at a time. To this day, their steady pricing and two-for-one deals make them essential for blunt tokers in a pinch.

Dutch Masters Cigarillos & Originals

(Courtesy of Dutch Masters)

New York smokers made Dutch Masters legendary in the 1990s and 2000s. Today, the brand continues to offer high quality products for blunt smokers who like to take their time to roll up right. Rolling a Dutch Master Original blunt requires multiple steps, including unraveling the packaged cigar and removing the tobacco filling. But the long process is worth the wait. Dutch Masters Originals provide a smooth but sturdy smoke that allows you to taste every terpene in your cannabis, while the blunt burns slowly and steadily.

Their cigarillos are slightly easier to roll than original leaves, but they have a less natural taste and feel. Dutch cigarillos are great for those who smoke on the go. Since you can find them at many gas stations and smoke shops, and they don’t require much prep.

For the OG blunt head, Vanilla or Palma Dutch Master Originals are a holy grail of the past. So, if you ask for one in a New York deli or bodega, expect the clerk to assume you’ve been smoking NYC gas station Sour Diesel since the 1990s. They might even offer you a Styles P mixtape.

Game Leaf

(YouTube / Jay Smoke)

Another new-age leaf company that took over the Southern market over the past decade is Game Leaf. Southern smokers swear by these affordable and easy-to-find cigars, which come in an array of flavors. From White Russian to Dark Rum flavored packs, these can offer a similar, if not slightly more consistent, alternative to Backwoods at a lower price point.


(Courtesy of Bluntville)

East Coast smokers love these thin, flavorful, easy-to-roll blunts by Bluntville. A pack of three is just $2, and they come ready to roll—no break down necessary. Flavors like Vanilla, Piff, and Pink Diva tempt taste buds, and they deliver a solid smoke without overpowering the flower. Overall, it’s the high availability, easy roll up, and low price that helps these fly off the shelf.

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Fronto King

(Fronto King)

Lately, Fronto king has made its presence felt in the leaf community. Caribbean smokers in the United States swear by the brand, as it’s often the closest thing they can find to the large, natural fronto that many smokers in Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic enjoy.

Fronto King offers large fronto leaf products that offer a bold smoke. One benefit of rolling fronto leaf blunts is that you can potion them to your liking, since the leaf is not pre-cut or rolled.

What is fronto or grabba leaf?

Grabba Leaf

(Grabba Leaf)

These wraps are named after the natural fronto and grabba leaf that originate in the Caribbean. Grabba Leaf brand products are popular with blunt rollers who want a more natural, less processed taste than most cigarillos and leaves. Grabba is also popular with spliff lovers who break the leaf down and smoke it along with cannabis flower. This brand is widely available in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and other American cities. Look for Grabba Leaf to continue to capitalize on the growing popularity of the fronto and grabba leaf worldwide in 2023 and beyond.

Runtz Wraps

(Runtz Wraps)

The Runtz camp is always introducing new ways to elevate the cannabis industry. Their latest venture adds a dash of flavor to the blunt game: Runtz Wraps include five tastes that mix perfectly with cannabis flavors and terpenes. The market is screaming for more cigar leaf options, which is why Runtz Wraps are surging. Thanks to the strength of Runtz cannabis and marketing guru Yung LB, the name is already among the most visible on the market. They’ll have to keep expanding their reach with fresh leaves. But also expect to see updated flavors that can keep up with popular cannabis flavor profiles as they evolve.


(Courtesy of Slapwoods)

Blunt brand Slapwoods’ unique pre-cut leaf is picking up heavy wind in many local markets, after originating in Houston. Blunt smokers across the nation are grabbing these small but well-produced rolls because they steam like a dream, and make it easy to roll up in a hurry. These come without tobacco filling, which saves a step in the rolling process. The only drawback is they don’t carry the dimensions to accommodate a fatty, or a blunt that includes more than 1.5 grams of flower comfortably. So buyer beware if you prefer to roll up finger-sized Ls.

Honorable mention:

If you’re still looking for more options to roll your blunts in 2023, try one of these new brands or classic options that smokers loved in 2022.



This New Jersey brand is on the rise. They’re already operating like a global entity, with impeccable packaging, brilliant marketing, and great product innovations tailored for the high-end blunt smoker. Preemo’s natural leaves are pre-broken down, for a clean roll up process. Just remember to roll them quickly after they’ve hit the air, or they’ll dry up and crack before you can finish rolling up. That’s the price you pay if you want to avoid smoking preservatives and additives, and thankfully, each pack comes with 15 leaves, yielding about 30 rolls and leaving plenty of supply to start fresh.

(High Hemp)

High Hemp Organic Rolls

This natural and light option is getting easier to find at local smoke shops and gas stations, thanks to increased demand for healthier, non-tobacco-based blunt wraps. The texture and taste leave something to be desired for dedicated blunt smokers, but they are a soft and refreshing alternative for those who need more than a joint. If you’re seeking a happy consumption medium between a heavy blunt and a lightweight j, this might be your sweet spot.

The fronto leaf can be used to roll cannabis-filled blunts, or it can be broken into 'grabba' and used as the tobacco filling in a spliff. (Dragon Fronto Leaf)
The fronto leaf can be used to roll cannabis-filled blunts, or it can be broken into ‘grabba’ and used as the tobacco filling in a spliff. (Dragon Fronto Leaf)

Fronto leaf

The original blunt leaf is the fronto, a natural, air-curred leaf that originated in Caribbean islands like Jamaica, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. These are a favorite of Rastas and health conscious blunt smokers who want to avoid heavily-processed blunt wraps and cigars, while still enjoying the rich and potent taste of a natural leaf.

What is fronto or grabba leaf?

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