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Lucky Vermonters! Lizzie Post Can Freshen Up Your (Legal!) Cannabis Etiquette

In addition to having inherited the family etiquette business, this queen of courtesy also loves to consume cannabis.

What’s Legal With Cannabis on July 1 in Massachusetts and Vermont

We're still waiting for Massachusetts stores to open, but Vermont and Bay State residents can pack super legal bowls starting Sunday.

Cannabis to Be Legal in Vermont—but Not on Lake Champlain

Those who have marijuana on board their boats could face federal charges.

The Roll-Up #18: Erykah Badu Adds a Tour Date in Vermont

Vermont goes legal, Vancouver cops bust street sellers, Trump's drug czar intern resigns, and Erykah Badu lauds the utility of the vinyl album cover.

Vermont Governor Signs Cannabis Bill With ‘Mixed Emotions’

The law contains no mechanism for the taxation or sale of marijuana, although the Legislature is expected to develop such a system.

Here’s What Vermont’s Legalization Law Allows—and Doesn’t

Gov. Phil Scott just made Vermont the 9th legal cannabis state. But hold on: It's not legal until July 1, and the new law has strict limits.

Vermont Legislature Votes to Legalize, Governor Will Sign Into Law

If Gov. Phil Scott signs the adopted bill, Vermont will become the 9th adult-use state, and the first to adopt via the legislature.

Vermont House Passes Adult-Use Cannabis Bill

House lawmakers are expected to give final approval to slight changes to the original bill, and Republican Gov. Phil Scott has said he'd sign the legislation.

All the Cannabis Legalization Measures in Play Right Now

Most of this year’s cannabis-related politicking involves laying the groundwork for 2018, when at least a half-dozen medical and adult-use measures may go up for a vote.

Vermont Governor Forms Commission to Study Cannabis Legalization

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott on Thursday signed an executive order establishing a Marijuana Advisory Commission that will study the best way to legalize adult-use cannabis.

Vermont’s Supreme Court to Consider Cannabis ‘Sniff Test’

Vermont’s highest court is set to consider a case involving whether the simple smell of cannabis constitutes legal grounds to search and seize a driver’s vehicle.

Vermont Governor Creating Commission for Cannabis Legalization

Meanwhile, at least two applicants have filed for a medical marijuana dispensary and cultivation license in Bennington, Vermont.

Vermont Legalization Push Falls Flat, Dead Till 2018

For the fifth time in two years, the Vermont Senate passed a bill that would legalize adult-use cannabis only to see it fizzle in the House.

Vermont Lawmakers Scheduled to Hold 2-Day Veto Session

Vermont lawmakers are due back in Montpelier this week for what's scheduled to be a two-day session to deal with vetoes issued by Gov. Phil Scott.

Vermont’s Vetoed Legalization Bill Could Still Become Law

Just days after Gov. Phil Scott vetoed a bill that would have legalized adult-use cannabis in the state, key legislators and advocates were back at work.

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