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Engraveable Powder Coated Grinders

Get a high-quality grinder engraved with your own image or text, complete with screen, and manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum.

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These grinders are powder coated and can be engraved with any text or image of your choice! Our grinders a crafted with a magnetic lid, and also have a removable screen to separate out your crystals for use later! For options on color, sizing, and engraving, head over to 7thfloorvapes.com!

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Our Mission is to be the leading vaporizer manufacturing company in the world, while making a better life for all people connected with 7th Floor. To do this we believe customer satisfaction, functional design and top quality is of the utmost importance. To achieve this we will give 100% of our ability to procure the highest quality parts and build the highest quality products humanly possible! While building the product and company as a whole, we will strive to make a better community in which we live. Ten years and over 100,000 vapes later, our goal remains the same. We now have tens of thousands of satisfied customers (check out our customer testimonials) and we continue to build only high quality vapes humanly possible! 7th Floor offers 5 of the world's best vapes made of the highest quality parts. We design our high quality vapes for ourselves. Being that you are your hardest critic on yourself, we are sure we can impress you with our herbal vaporizers. When you see and use a 7th Floor vaporizer we are confident that you will be amazed by both the build quality and simple function we incorporate into our little bundles of joy. Our high quality vapes are designed to be the workhorse appliance you can say, “I can’t believe this vape is still going strong, and it's been 10 years!!” What makes a 7th Floor vape so darn GREAT! Designed, built and tested in the USA from domestic and foreign parts. We are very proud of this, and when you get one of our products you will feel the pride and love that went into each one. Quality is what you get and feel when you receive one of our amazing, durable vaporizers. The second you open the shipping box and see our beautiful storage bag your unit comes in, you will be very happy. As you open your bag, your smile will grow even more as you begin to reveal the highest quality vaporizer in the world. Then after 5-10 years goes by and you are still using this machine, that is when you will say “WOW this thing is a HIGH QUALITY VAPE!”. Design function is the most important thing to consider when developing a product. You will notice we have designed our vapes to be super user friendly. We believe in keeping it simple. Beauty should be incorporated into everything. Art brings a joy to life that nothing else in this world can give a person. With our Wave Rider Series (WRS) Surfers we have taken art to a new level never seen in this industry. We incorporate custom glass into every SSV unit and then put amazing art into these high quality vapes. And we mean INTO the vape, as our art is done with a sublimation process that embeds the ink into the powder coating giving you a most durable high quality vape!