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Rio Bravo

21 customer reviews


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Sat Sep 28 2019
packaged on 05-09-2019 purchased on 09-27-2019 rio bravo. 33.99@3.5 grams 1st impressions dry but not so dry it turns into dust no grinder needed joint rolled 1 gram into a RAW roller .... very nice taste. smells ok.. the high is i full of energy. ok weed. to try . if you need to buy on a budget, which what i did this time, very uplifting weed. works well with beer, not overbearing not a downer weed. one may feel underwhelmed on the highest level.
Tue Sep 17 2019
Not great tasting but it's really really effective for pain relief. For that I give it 4 stars. For me, this strain is only good if I'm smoking alone because it leaves me very irritable.
Sat Sep 07 2019
From the first inhale, you are transported. A forest studded with pines right after the rains have stopped envelopes you. Thick luxurious moss hugs the ground giving roots to ferns and shrubs glistening under dew. Sounds of birds and the pawed wake up the air as the mist settles out due to shards of sun peaking past the canopy. Strands of poetry or images seeking artistic expression scatter through your head as you find a spot to spread out a picnic lunch. Here, right now, you alone or with a silent partner are in the perfect place to listen and relax into expression.
Thu Aug 22 2019
My sample comes from SQDC and is the Rio Bravo by Edison, packaged in the blue plastic container. It’s from the "reserve" serie and boosts 21% thc). I vaped this with an Utillian721 at the blue and purple settings (180-190C if I’m not mistaken). The buds were nice but a bit small. The aroma is vegetal with a hint of spice. It smells good, the vapor is smooth and thick but the taste is not particularly interesting, at least not to my liking. The effect is arousing and energetic.
Mon Jul 29 2019
This stuff didn't taste very good, but I was pretty buzzed by the time I finished half the joint. Good cerebral stone, uplifting, energizing , relaxing and even arousing. Buzz lasted at least 2 hours. I would definitely buy this again.
Tue Jul 02 2019
This strain is underrated, really good buzz and not much paranoia and more of a euphoria buzz really nice. And my method of consumption is vaporizing. Really recommend the vape the buzz is amazing.
Wed May 29 2019
If I could have given this a 2 and a half stars I would have. I grabbed some on a whim when I was just looking to try something new and this looked promising. Upon open opening the container the flower was a little on the dry side but still acceptable. The problem really is that it lacks "punch". There's definitely a stern slap because it will get you high (which is why I'd give is another half star if I could), but it's a brief effect and 60 minutes later (max) your stone cold sober. I picked up no scents or tastes of note from the flower itself or while smoking, so all in all this was very underwhelming. I should note this seems to be one of the less expensive "legal" stains out there at less than $10 a gram but I still don't think the value was there. If this was being offered as a true budget strain, let's say something like $5-$6 a gram, then I'd call that reasonable.
Mon Apr 29 2019
This is a decent (AA to low AAA) sativa dominant strain. I experienced increased creativiity, a good head buzz and felt uplifted/energetic. The one negative is that the product was much drier than it should be. Edison Cannabis CO. you need to figure your shit out with the freshness/moisture of the product... especially if you are charging $12 CDN per gram at retail.
Sat Feb 16 2019
Mid range sativa, not overly tasting but bring about a nice euphoric, uplifting buzz to it. I would say my favourite sativa amongst Edison's choices
Sun Jan 27 2019
I have purchased Edison products before and found them to be increasingly dry to the point where it turns to powder with a slight touch. I thought I would try them again with the Rio Bravo. Again, disappointed. The product is very dry, not sealed properly in its package, and does not pack a punch though it has a decent THC percentage. I'm constantly disappointed in Edison products and will not be purchasing any of their products again.