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The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion

The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion

by Goldleaf

4 customer reviews


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Just love to see stuff like this! I was given one by my daughter and was very impressed at the content and ease. As a medical professional, I think we need more tools & education like this. Although my expertise is not in cannabis, I've used it medically for myself to help with nausea and this journal was a comfort and help. I was able to identify what terpene levels I should be aiming for, as well as some strains (or cultivars as they call it!) to avoid! Great product.


Saw an amazing review from 'TheStonerMom' youtube channel. Made me want to try it out and boy was I impressed! I don't normally do review like this, but I had to give it a shout out. Super fun to fill out and look through, amazing quality and it has been REALLY helpful for my PTSD, as far as which strains have been effective. I do a lot of indica, since those help the most, and they normally knock me on my ass-- so jotting down my reaction early in the 'therapy' is needed. This journal is perfect for that and I'd recommend it for anyone who uses cannabis for medical reasons-- or anyone who wants to learn what strains are right for them. Cheers.


a killer journal. I struggle with pain due to a car accident when i was 19-- I've been prescribed plenty of heavy opiate based drugs, but they wreak havoc on my system in SO many ways. I discovered cannabis as an alternative a while back and have always been trying to find a strain / delivery method / dosage that worked for me without making me too tired or brain dead. This journal has been a real help in isolating what works best for different times of day. It is obviously only a tool-- but a good, well thought-out one. It has helped me know how much of a dose I should take, what strains to avoid and even recommended some strains that have turned out to be great for my case. A worthwhile purchase.


Just got mine in the mail last week, and was pretty jazzed to tell about my experience... I've been a user of their Grow Planner for a while now and really like the style of this companies journals. They open flat, the cover is soft and gets a nice 'broken in' look after a while and the design look of all the fields and text are pretty great. Same is true with this one. So I suffer from PTSD, and had been getting scripts from conventional docs for a while. I discovered cannabis a while back and quickly saw the value in it, as well as the value of growing my own supply so I know EXACTLY what is going into it. I'm lucky to live in a state where this isn't a problem. I was struggling to find the right strain / dosage and this journal so far has been a great experience. You get out of it only what you put in, but I'm motivated, so to me it is hugely beneficial. I've already come to some conclusions about doses and times of day that have been helpful and it's only been 8 days. I love the idea of this journal-- something for medical patients to help them learn their body better and learn what works for them. I'm using this in tandem with my grow ops, so it helps me know what strains are working and even what dry/curing/processing methods are most beneficial. For example, I learned that my coconut oil concentrate is really best for evenings-- otherwise, I'm a zombie all day and can't get many benefits from additional doses throughout the day. At least as it effects my PTSD episodes. A recommend...