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There are many things that stand out about Critical Blue, the most obvious being its gorgeous blueberry and citrus scent. But it doesn't disappoint in the looks department either: its flowers are a sight to behold, with a thick layer of crystals that indicates extreme potency. When smoked, it quickly ushers in a soaring high followed up with profound body relaxation. The influence of Blueberry, one of the parent cultivars, is clear to see: this legendary plant passes on its iconic scent and eye-catching colors. Critical, on the other hand, is an enhanced version of Big Bud. The original cultivar is one of the most widely-recognized cultivars out there, but the size and density of its buds makes it susceptible to molds. To solve this problem, it was crossed with Skunk #1 for increased immunity to disease. Critical Blue is not too challenging to cultivate, but prior experience will come in handy. It's a bit too needy to be beginner-friendly, and needs a little more than routine maintenance. Using these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. helps make things a little easier. Growing Critical Blue Feminized Seeds Critical Blue is a short, compact plant that develops dense fist-shaped buds with remarkable colors. It starts off a luscious green, but shades of blue, pink, or purple will appear if it's exposed to cold temperatures. The glistening crystals around the top of the calyxes further enhance its bag appeal. One of the plant's most valuable traits is its scent. Over the last three decades, the priority of breeders was to create hybrids with insanely high levels of THC, but all that changed once research showed that many of the terpenes not only have medicinal benefits but also enhance the effects of the cannabinoids. Commercially speaking, a rich terpene profile is also attractive to consumers. If fast and vigorous growth is the priority, then a hydroponics setup is best. But to maximize the aromatic traits that put Critical Blue in the 'legendary cultivar' category, organic soil is the way to go. Homegrown Cannabis Co. have taken measures to ensure they only work with the top growers in the world. The whole process, from cultivation to selecting the mother plants used in producing Critical Blue feminized seeds, was run to strict standards. These seeds have incredibly stable genetics, and when planted in optimal conditions, they produce tremendous results. Using high-quality seeds also offers the peace of mind that the plants can withstand LST, HST, and other methods of plant manipulation. Once triggered, either artificially or naturally, the plant takes approximately 9 weeks to flower. Indoors, the yield per square foot is around 1.31 ounces. If grown outdoors in an area with plenty of sunshine, the yield per plant could be as much as 26 ounces. Fragrance and Flavor Critical Blue is a tropical oasis. It exudes the same berry scent that made Blueberry a worldwide cannabis sensation as well as a citrus twist and earthy notes. On exhale, it leaves a spicy, sour aftertaste. The smell is quite pungent, and installing an odor filter in the grow room is highly recommended. Effects The journey begins with a cerebral boost that clears the mind and uplifts the spirit. The resulting euphoric rush will put you in a positive mood amid fits of giggles. It's a great cultivar to enjoy in social settings for a chilled out evening session. The dosage, though, needs to be kept small. As the mental stimulation progresses, the Indica traits kick in with a subtle sedating buzz that affects the whole body. As the warm and fuzzy feeling spreads, the muscles start to wind down. These heavy-limbed effects creep in slowly, allowing you more time to enjoy the relaxing high before drowsiness sets in. If the dosage is too high, the mind and body can quickly sink into oblivion. The devastating stone may also cause some adverse effects – apart from the typical dry eyes and dry mouth, dizziness, anxiety or paranoia can occur. Feminized Critical Blue Seeds Critical Blue is one of the best-smelling hybrids on the market. It's also equally impressive to look at thanks to its colorful foliage, especially towards the end of the flowering period. This bold and tasty plant is highly coveted for its mental flight and relaxing high. It's not merely a recreational cultivar, though – medical patients may also benefit from its stress-busting and painkilling potential. These feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. were produced from stabilized mother plants carefully selected for their outstanding characteristics. Now, you can have a little piece of the magic in your own garden.

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