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City of God

by Phantom Farms

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Phantom Farms Cannabis Flower City of God

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

The long, slender flowers of City of God shine with a sparkling coat of resin. The sour citrus and sweet floral aromas are cut by the sharp scent of diesel fumes. Warm and bursting with bright lemon and pine flavors, City of God rounds out with an expansive tingly exhale. Its lively, uplifting qualities will have your head buzzing.

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About this strain

City of God

City of God

City of God is a heavier hybrid with functional and relaxing effects. Created by crossing NYC Diesel and God Bud, City of God offers consumers an alert mental state and comfortable physical sedation. This strain gets a little heavy-handed in larger doses, saddling the consumer with appetite stimulation and lethargy. Its pungent aroma is a mixture of the strain’s parents, offering notes of sweet earth and fuel. City of God performs at its best when consumed in nature, and also plays well in social settings.   

About this brand

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Phantom Farms, a licensed recreational cannabis producer, was founded in Oregon in 2008 on the principle that the best products come straight from the earth. We cultivate Clean Green Certified® cannabis using organic methods, sustainable practices and volcanic filtered water in both our indoor and outdoor facilities. No exceptions. When aligned, these factors provide for a flourishing ecosystem – the perfect environment for mighty tasty cannabis.