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Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers are the original vape powerhouses. Explore models here.


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Frequently asked questions

What are desktop vaporizers for weed?
Desktop vaporizers, also known as “home vaporizers” and “tabletop vaporizers,” are stationary vaporizers for vaping cannabis flower. Desktop vaporizers are usually electric and require a power outlet to operate. 

While these types of vapes are not portable, consumers with desktop vapes at home say they provide a robust smoking experience that prevents odors and large plumes of smoke. Consumers also love that most desktop vaporizers give you greater control over temperature, and some even have remote controls. Desktop vaporizers are best suited for cannabis consumers who have a permanent indoor smoke spot with an electric outlet nearby, such as a coffee table or kitchen table. 
What are the different types of table top vaporizers?
When it comes to tabletop vaporizers, you have three types of styles to choose from:
  • Whip-style vaporizers utilize long tubes for vaping dry herb cannabis flower. These types of vaporizers are ideal for large social gatherings or for watching TV on the sofa. The tubes make it easy to puff and pass, and are easy to clean and disinfect.
  • Balloon bag vaporizers require you to use the vaporizer to fill a large bag full of dry herb cannabis vapor for inhalation. Balloon bag vaporizers come with special mouthpieces and connectors that allow you to use and fill the balloons with ease. This type of tabletop vaporizer is perfect for cannabis consumers who want portability while vaping dry herb flower or concentrates at home.
  • Hybrid desktop vaporizers offer a combination of both whip-style and balloon bag style vaping. These types of vaporizers are usually more expensive, but provide the consumer with plenty of options for at-home vaping.
How do I choose the best home desktop vaporizer?
If you’re a first-time buyer, choosing the best desktop vaporizer for your home is no easy challenge. With so many models, options, and features, it can be difficult to determine what makes the most sense for you. 

Step 1: Determine your budget. Most high-quality desktop vaporizers come with a high price tag, so make sure you’re ready to make the investment.

Step 2: Decide your needs. If you need more vaping mobility around your house, go with a balloon vaporizer. Otherwise, go with a traditional whip-style vape. Or a hybrid model if you can’t pick just one.
How do desktop dry herb and concentrate vaporizers differ?
The main difference between dry herb and concentrate vaporizers is the type of cannabis used for each vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers are exclusively used for smoking cannabis flower, while concentrate vaporizers are exclusively used for cannabis concentrates, oils, wax, and shatter.