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Quantum Kush

Quantum is some quality stuff for sure. Picked up this little emerald bloom from the local Attis in SE because of it's ample funky scent and the stellar recommendation it got from nice folks behind the counter :) At 25% THC this leaf was certainly potent, packed a pleasantly pungent exhale, and is super fun to relax with!

Alien OG

A visit to my local Attis yielded this potent indica leaning hybrid (plus a little of another more mid-ground hybrid, the White). It has a "bushy" texture with short tawny brown hairs. There's a slight tartness to the scent and exhale. And some funky spice in the background that makes it an irresistibly intriguing pick for an evening of decompressing & cleaning at home :) This is probably a touch strong for light or newer users, however yours truly found this strain to pack a cozy body buzz mixed with bits of giggly cerebral flare. Long lasting, calm & creative, and lovely to look at. Great recommendation as always you guys - Happy I got to try this!

Moonshine Haze

A once in a blue moon find and all-time favorite! This unique and tricky to come by strain in particular stood out for me as the specimen I had in particular was stellar in every category (thanks SE Collective!). If you find yourself lucky enough to partake in some of this dense, smooth, silvery flower , cherish it - and highly recommended share with somebody equally special :) Breaking it into categories.. Aesthetically this bud was very beautiful! The color of frosted moss with tinges of slate and lavender - maybe an indication of a lower temps during care? Its powdered in a glossy coat of trichomes and long brunette hairs. Moonshine is just gorgeous. The scent of this marijuana is rich, earthy with hints of pine and faint citrus, and distinctly "natural" smelling. A faint floral/woody sweetness balances out the more pungent notes in this bud to create a mysteriously robust, foresty, and enticing aroma. This flower's consistency was that of a collaboration between natural beauty and substance. A dense yet fluffy mosaic of green/purple/grey sugar-adorned blooms that had just the right touch of moisture. It'd achieved that odd "Goldilocks" zone, not too much, not too little, prolonging bowl life and giving for a better smoke volume. The amply packed, carefully cured, and numerous flowers spoke of a fastidiously tended, hardy growth cycle. This girl was tough AND cute! The smoke volume, texture, and flavor this strain provides is truly something. The curing of this particular weed made it's smoke silky smooth, and powerful. Inhaled via bong with the bestie and we were both taken aback by its generosity. The tastes were pronounced, earthy, and slightly tart, but not intrusively so. Very pleasant on the exhale. And as for this dog's bite..Moonshine Haze's effects were swift acting, potent, and immensely enjoyable! Clear, creative and cerebral with a light relaxed bodily undertone. Besides the bud itself being a talking point it made for good conversation & great laughs (alongside playing some good 'ol Red Dead Redemption). For its sativa antics it could make a very nice day strain for creative escapades, however for its potency would probably steer its use clear of folks newer to marijuana, or activities that require more dexterity. All the same, Moonshine Haze was a little silver bullet into the heart of my day-to-day stresses, a truly stellar performance!

Local Herb Collective

These guys are great - I've never been disappointed with whatever I end up walking out with in hand and the place has a nice relaxed atmosphere accompanied by knowledgeable staff. Plus there's almost always something available here that's either a good deal, great quality, &/or unique. I'll definitely be back :)

Lemonnade - Portland

Came to check this little place out, and opted to try the friendly bud- tender's suggestion of Bubba SD for a middle ground hybrid. People behind the counter were very helpful, the selection was a quality>quantity deal, with still a good variety, and as for how well they matched my request - pretty damn happy with what I got :) The bud nicely matched what was described and was smooth, earthy, lightly pungent, & potent! Gonna bring friends by later to check out the new shelves.

Attis Trading - 2606 SE Gladstone

My Favorite local dispensary, easily! The people here are all super friendly, helpfull and well informed, the location itself is welcoming whether you're a med or rec user, and most importantly THE WEED HERE IS FANTASTIC! What sets these guys apart for me is is that they give some of the very best quality and value for your money I've found by far in the area. Plus you can often find unique buds here that don't usually grace dispensary shelf-space. So unsurprisingly, I point my friends and relatives here whenever they ask where "the good stuff" is ;)