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The Wife

I have often had to use weed medicinally for two health conditions, and it’s always helped immensely... however after trying the wife, all other strains can’t even compare. It truly provided the best relief for my conditions that I’ve ever had from a strain. Highly recommend trying it!

The Green Solution - College Ave. @ Fort Collins

My new favorite dispensary! I won’t be going anywhere else from now on. Great atmosphere, great help, and amazing products! I got some wax which is absolutely amazing and a palm blunt which I’ve never had before but now is my new favorite thing

Green Dragon - Fort Collins (REC)

My favorite dispensary I’ve been to. Went on 420 and got the deal for the $50 1/2, the weed is super good and very obviously grown and cured right. The service was excellent even when they were crazy busy. I will definitely be returning

Natural Alternatives

Great dispensary! They always have good products and the staff is excellent! The only thing is the location... it’s an awful little location and parking is just frustrating. But with that said I am a regular shopper here.

LivWell Enlightened Health - Highlands

Third dispensary I’ve been to, really friendly service, they had some good deals, and they had a good selection! My only complaint is that the preroll I bought from them didn’t smoke. It was too finely ground and had too much shake to even get a draw out of it. Still though, a good dispensary just don’t buy a preroll!