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Super energizing. Taste was amazing. Somewhere between coffee and sweet. I would recommend this strain for experienced smokers that have a decent tolerance. It took me half a joint and I was flying pretty high. Great strain for getting creative or watching a funny movie or show. I used a Gpen dash dry herb vaporizer to smoke this strain.

Purple Cheese

A truly wonderful strain. Like everyone else said, it’s very relaxing and slightly sedating. The more you smoke of this the better your bed starts to look. Would recommend this strain to serious smokers that want to zone out after a long day in bed, enjoy some Doritos and then have a wonderful deep sleep. Enjoy! (My method of consumption was Gpen Dash dry herb vape pen. Taste was sweet with hints of diesel. Not skunky. Really smooth and no nasty after taste.)

Sugar Cane

I’ll be the first to write a review on this wonderful cannabis strain. The buds are absolutely stunning with trichomes that look like powdered sugar covering the entire bud. The buds are dense but light. I used my dry herb vaporizer to get the most out of this strain and the taste was one of the best I’ve experienced. It’s sweet and doesn’t leave any sort of aftertaste in your mouth at all. The smoking experience of Sugar Cane was highly enjoyable. It acts as a true Sativa, giving you relaxation within the drowsiness (give it about 45 min) and once it starts wearing off you’ll drift into a perfect state of relaxation. Life is beautiful. Smoke on my friends.

Ancient Remedies

Hands down THE BEST dispensary in Edmond. I am in this shop about 3-4 times per week and everyone there is always so friendly, they make you feel like family. They stand by all of their products and run a legitimate dispensary. They make high quality medicine affordable and I am so grateful! This is my favorite shop and always will be! (Rebel and Luna rock as well!)

Likewise Cannabis Broadway - Edmond Dispensary

Likewise bought out another dispensary a while ago. I never frequented the other dispensary because I always felt their prices were crazy high. I finally looked online at Likewise and was shocked to see how affordable they make quality medicine. I have bought 2 strains from them that were on sale massively. I figured they’d be bottom shelf but nope, I didn’t find any seeds and although they were smallish size buds it was high quality cannabis. I will definitely be a returning customer!

Get Bak'd Weed Dispensary Oklahoma City

I have been to quite a few different dispensaries in the Edmond area and Get Bakd is the best yet. Great quality and super helpful staff. Jada was amazing last time I was in and went above and beyond to help me get everything I needed. I will be referring all my friends here!