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Noa Botanicals - Kaneohe

This used to be a good place, but now they’re filling their vape carts with air with no apologies. Bad news!

Aloha Green Apothecary - King Street

Aloha Green was a pleasant experience. My bud tender was knowledgeable and helpful, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Skywalker Kush and Cannatonic. The prices were relatively high, but the buds were top shelf. As another reviewer stated, I was surprised to have to show my medical card so many times (6). It would seem that once to get in the front door and once to get in the secured area should be sufficient. Perhaps an over abundance of caution. I will most definitely be back.


This strain differs greatly from GG4 for me in that I feel a little zombie like if I overdo it. Great for nighttime just before going to bed. Boom boom, out go the lights!

Mary Mart - Tacoma Recreational

They're still in the process of moving to their new place so it will be interesting to see the final look. They were quite busy but well staffed and attentive. I liked their blackboards divided by dominance and showing size options with THC %.

Emerald Leaves - Tacoma Recreational

I was dazzled by the variety and pleased with the purchases. Very eager to help staff and excellent help from Miss Brittney. Will stop in again next time through town.

Yoda OG

My new favorite medical strain. Very relaxing and analgesic - it melts my pain away and mellows me for a great nights sleep, without the knockout punch of some indicas. Bought this on a whim cause it was named after my long ago kitty (Yoda not Og though we had an Ogre too) Gotta get some more of this!

Cookies On The Strip

Excellent service from front to back, beginning to end. Everyone was very professional and helpful during my first ever dispensary visit. I'm like a deer in headlights when it comes to the new and improved cannabis world, so these folks were great. I completely missed my bud-tenders name, but "cutie with kitty ears" - you know who you are. She answered my every question with detailed and informative style. Not sure when I'll be able to visit again, but I would love to shop here all the time. Wish they could open a Hawaii branch!