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Whitaker Blues

Dont listen to the other 2 reviewers in here, they must have bought there Whiter Blues from some un-experienced growers or some growers with a not choice pheno... Whitaker Blue is my new favorite Indica strain, both in smoke and plant. The pheno we have is a beautiful light green bud with almost orange hairs to her, with a bud structure very similar in smell and structure to her Blueberry parent. The plant it self grows small and bushy! The pheno we have smells very sweet and blueberry like. The high is my favorite part. Its got the STRONG indica high without the putting you to sleep effects many other indicas can typically do to you. Its a very relaxed, couch lock (but not to strong), pain killing type high followed by munchies!

Tahoe Alien

People from CT need to stop giving reviews! CT has never had just Tahoe Alien at its dispensaries, only strains that included the Tahoe Alien as a parent.. Therefore none of your reviews are valid! Tahoe Alien is an amazing strain that takes on a good 50/50 mix of its parents in both high and appearance/smell... When u break it open you'll notice some of the purple in there from the purple kush lineage. One of my favorite alien genetics strain

Skywalker OG

Great strain! taste like og kush with a great body high,,very melow, relxed and euforic."Floaty or Tingly" is how myself and buddy just described it. High level of thc... I highly recommend it. Only con i have so far is it made me very hungry.


This is one of my new favorite strains, up theyre with Girl Scout Cookie. It is a very potent indica with high THC. I have a very high tolerence for THC and this strain never fails to get me couch locked high (the feeling of sinking into the couch an just not wanting to move) followed by puts me to sleep and i don wake up untill morning. When i first smoked it i was very energetic followed by couch lock but i havent gotten energetic with this strain since so who knows. Little hunger not much.