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This is not accurate & is not new nor from 2022. The original growers are from kings garden & is a cross of Gelato & GMO(sunset sherbet x thin mintz x regular GSC x chemdawg). Not GMO cookies & kush mintz (GSC x chemdawg x Bubba kush x animal mintz).

33 Bananas

Another long time toker here. Love this strain. Had it for the first time from kings garden. It Was a fresh batch packaged earlier this month. THC 25.239%. This strain is super potent and the effects are probably the most accurate I have ever had when you compare to Kings gardens description. I’ve had higher percentages that don’t compare. It is definitely fit for the pm hours. If you smoke just a tad bit much, you will go into a comatose like state, but still functional. It’s odd. You will not however feel like a couch potato if that makes sense. The high is mainly in between the eyes and body. Primarily the eyes first & body later. Onset is pretty quick. About five mins. Two quarter gram bong rips will give you about 115-120mg of thc on the spot. This strain rips regardless of your needs. Definitely a go to! Let’s get some more reviews!

One Plant - El Sobrante

I want to be clear this is NOT about the employees. The employees in this shop are fantastic...but this place has Gone completely downhill over the past few months. New management is terrible. I have been coming here for over a year now and they have now lost a long time patient. I made it clear to everyone in the store. Since December I have seen prices fluctuate (on the same exact product)from 30$-$35-$40-$45 & back down to $30. I have seen them add taxes, completely eliminate taxes, & add them again. I have come in one day for a $30 8th...just to come in two days later and see that same product be $40. No difference in harvesting dates or expirations. Just nonsense. They have now added more tax. More than they ever have before. You’re paying an arm & a leg. All they have done by keeping this pattern is expose themselves and how much money they and the county are making. If you have a good connect with some clean flower...stick with them. No bridges burned here cause ya boy won’t be back. Pathetic new management.

OG Kush