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Killer Queen

Killer queen... So far so good... Got sucked in for the focus but overwhelmed by the relaxation. Noises are amplified which can be a distraction but the high is cool. I feel relaxed yet functional.. Nice midday strain when you have nothing major to do...

Platinum Cookies

OMG so this was way to strong for me. I don't smoke often and will likely never smoke this again. I felt completely out of control. I was in pain before I started smoking and it felt like the pain amplified a million times. I will say.. I smoked wayyyy to much so that could be why I responded so poorly. The initial high was awesome but quickly took a turn for the worse... I became extremely paranoid every ache I had was so much worse and I couldn't control my emotions. I was already a but sad and overwhelmed before I smoked and boy did those feelings overpower me.... I cried for hours straight and was afraid of everything... On a positive note it allowed me to release some pent up emotions (especially since I couldnt keep them in if I wanted to). I had extreme highs and extreme lows. If I were an avid smoker I'd probably really enjoy this.. As I said the initial high was great... So I can't give it a bad rating it was just way to much for me... Beginners beware lol