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Best place in the metro

UWD - Edmond

Absolutely the best place in the Edmond area in every category.

Doobies - Choctaw

Theres nothing much to like about this establishment

Medicinal Marijuana of Norman

From staff, to product, to pricing, to hours of operation this is the best dispensary you'll find in the metro

Twisted Roo - Noble

You CANNOT go wrong purchasing your meds from here, they have top notch quality and some of the best staff you'll find.


ALWAYS, CONSISTENTLY, EXCELLENT products, prices, staff, service, and hours you only WISH more dispensaries would keep, always a reliable place for your medicinal needs.

UWD - Norman

Due to my job I go all over the metro but when I'm in Norman this is always my primary go to for all my cannabis needs. If they were open as late as some competitors I'd use them exclusively BUT I don't hold it against them. ALWAYS consistently excellent staff, service, products and prices. a Norman staple.

PrimeTime Cannabis

I'm a long time cannabis patient, I've done a little growing, and my job takes me from one end of the metro to the other, day to day. I'm extremely familiar with cannabis AND dispensaries and let me just say these guys have premium quality, great prices, and a friendly knowledgeable staff you hope you get your first time in a new dispensary. Show these guys love and support a local business earning the right to call itself a dispensary by bringing your business in, you wont be sorry.