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Bloom City Club - Medical

Being an out of state customer I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of registering. Took less than 5 minutes. The product I wanted was sold out; but the budtender did a good job recommending a similar product. He was very knowledgeable. Prices were in line with most of the Ann Arbor dispensaries. The parking was the only problem. The " park at your own risk " sign for the unseen parking area was truely RISKY ! A Minicooper or Smart car or motorcycle could fit through the entryway......that's about it. Damaged bricks on both buildings of the entryway (rearview mirror height) were evident. Overall though a decent experience.

Nevada Made Marijuana - Laughlin

This particular dispensary is losing ground to it's competition. Prices have risen higher in the past year and lack of product has really taken hold. The limited product available at the dispensary does not match this online menu.. The updates are not true.

Flavors Detroit (Closed for Renovations)

The lack of an advertised strain was very disappointing. Inventory control and menu updating is needed at this dispensary. The products are satisfactory for the price however. would help to call first if a particular strain was wanted.

Thin Mint

Tastes like a York peppermint paddy. It was a vape pen from a NV shop ; so maybe an artificial flavoring agent was added. They didn't have the buds to do a comparison. Not an overpowering buzz. Just right to stay functional.

Ghost Train Haze

First of all : Wish to thank either Aether Gardens and/or Laughlin, NV Dispensary for the free Veterans Day pre-roll of Gth. Certainly has the Sativa effects. Folding the laundry was a pleasant task. Some other strains make it a chore. Only took 8 minutes to do this review

CBDPure: Cannabidiol 300 mg

Ordered this CBD Oil and received an empty box in the mail. Someone ripped off the contents because the box wasn't sealed properly. The folded end of the box wasn't sealed with tape and could be easily opened. Currently trying to get some recourse from the USPS and this company. Will update the results. Out fifty bucks right now.

Etain Medical Cannabis Dispensary Syracuse

Etain was referred by my doctor. If this is the best business model the all female founders can create; they may need more feedback. K. Peckham, horticulturist, needs to revisit the hybrid strain used in the Forte brand. The harshness of this vape reminds me of Lebanese Red hash. Coughing until my eyes tear is not good for a medical cannabis. The sign in was as friendly as meeting any stranger on the street. " Fill out the info on the I-Pad" was the receptionist 's direction. Being a geriatric, who still uses a flip phone, this was a challenge. The info was a redundant act of personal data. Total time for my (on time) appointment was a bit over an hour. The strain of cannabis used in their meds wasn't divulged . Either didn't know or "it's a secret formula" response. So my next purchase will be with one of the other dispensaries in Syracuse.