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The Gallery - Spanaway

Good atmosphere cool place and staff. Helped me find exactly what I was looking for

The Green Planet - Milwaukie

First time stopping in and was pleasantly surprised I wasn't expected what I experienced at all most shops in Portland, Or are small and compact but this place is literally the size of a 7-11 with tons of glass and variety OC concentrates and flower! Staff is the best!


Love this strain I thought smoking wasn't for me got my hands on this and now well I'm smoking 😂 if you struggle with marijuana causing you anxiety peak out like me than this strain will change your life trust me!

La Mota Beaverton

First of all this was my first visit at this location so I had no idea what to expect. I am happy to report I was woefully impressed with the quality of the dispensary and staff. You walk in and it is beautifully set up so you can clearly see all the options and the showcase is also very well set up. I went in to find a cartridge that worked on my vape Pen and found exactly what I wanted at the best price in the area they also have tons of deals and the staff are the best part super friendly and welcoming and have tons of information on any question you have!

Lemonnade - Portland

So we came here to get advice on cartridges my girlfriend could use on the pen she bought we went here around 8pm May 5th ( we wanted to get the cartridge for cinco de mayo) when we entered the front desk lady was super nice but the budtender didn't say really anything to us my girlfriend explained her concern and he said cartridges are down there and pointed down. So she said well I have this vape pen and I want to get a cartridge suitable for this pen so he said any of them. Then she said I'm looking for a higher cbd cartridge and he said he wasn't sure if they had any. Overall he has no desire to help us at all we felt as if we're supposed to know what we want exactly when we went their for recommendations which the us tender had no desire to help us with extremely frustrating since it was our first visit we didn't end up purchasing anything because he didn't provide any information about any of the cartridges. I wish I could give 0 stars for this experience

Nectar - Barbur

Best in PDX my #1 go to dispensary staff is very knowledgeable and welcoming. Friday's are killer because sometimes their daily deal is joint Friday which means if you buy a gram you get a free joint and if you buy a 1/8 you get 2 which is a awesome freebie!! I also love how often their selection is updated every week you can find something new!