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“THIS DISPO IS THE BEST OF THE BEST! I come in here all the time and every budtender they have is super nice and they actually know what they're talking about. I can't believe the bad reviews on here, they must be talking about another La Mota. Things are always changing in there but that doesn't make it bad. In regards to the reviewer below, I love Select too, but I was told that there was an argument between owners of the two companies involving some name-calling. I could be wrong, but only if they misinformed me. I've never known anyone in there to be secretive. I can't think of a single budtender they have that would respond that way. Anyway, come here for the deeeeaaaalllllssss. Tim told me the other day that they were gonna start deal days soon! It's gonna be LIT!”

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“Until today, I used to be a regular at La Mota. I came in looking for Select Strains cartridges, and I noticed that they were all gone. I asked what happened, and the budtender hits me with, "That information is not allowed to be given to the public." What? I asked if they did something bad, and that's where he became frustrated with me and told me, very defensively, to stop digging for information. All I did was inquire as to why my favorite company was removed from the shelves. I was not trying to stir the pot. I was only looking for answers, and being met with that kind of standoff-ish attitude is exactly why I will not be returning as a regular. I actually won't be returning at all, and I plan to take my business to your competition down the road where prices are cheaper alongside daily deals. I do not know why this budtender chose to act in this manner, but it cost you a customer that would come in weekly for cartridges. I would have happily tried a different company had salt not been stuck to the budtender's demeanor. Instead, I apologized for bothering him, which I should not have had to do, and I walked out very disappointed. Customers with genuine questions should never be made to feel like a burden.”

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