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Green Harbor Dispensary - Medical Only

Was shopping in there today, Hailey was very professional and seemed very knowledgeable which seems hard to come by in med stores lately, store is always clean and usually you get in and out pretty quickly.... would definitely be back..

Northeast Alternatives - Medical

First time at the store, as a med patient, loved the selection, employees were very helpful and knowledgeable, was in and out very quickly, Amanda was excellent, my order ready and waiting, answered everything professional, would recommend the store, and definitely will be back

Panacea Wellness- Med

I love this store, have a dispensary 5 minutes from my house, I would rather take the 40 minute ride, love how they stock the same varieties, store is immaculate, employees are great, will keep coming back, hopefully delivery at some point would be awesome..

Verilife - Wareham (Adult Use)

Love the store, and employees are great, I probably was spending 600. a week, the medical selection it terrible lately, I live 5 minutes away, and I have been traveling 45 minutes to stores that have much better selection, how is it they cater to recreational customers, over med patients, Il, til things change, I will opt for the drive..

Verilife - Wareham (Medical)

Love the store, have been a regular for quite some time, store and staff are awesome, never had any issues, only thing I'm not happy with is since recreation sales came back, they have an incredible selection of concentrates on rec side, and lousy on medical, woul love to see more selection