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Good Day Farm: Banana Cream Cake x Jealousy | Exotics Flower | 3.5g

I love the effects. It's similar to Gelato or an Ice Cream Cake strain but much more intense. The smell is gassy followed that exact fruity Jealousy strain smell I know. It's very heady but still works it way through the body. Excellent calming strain yet still makes me feel I can got through the day. Keep smoking more though it will lock you in one place.

Caramel Apple Gelato

One of the smoothest strains I have ever smoked. The strain name says it all about the smell and flavor. She's a real treat and sets in lightning fast. Very cerebral, uplifting, and euphoric. I smoked to good pulls off a large bowl and am in a state of bliss. Its a perfect daytime strain. TRY SOME! I am a sucker for Gelato's though... lol

Rainbow Belts

This has officially become one of my top strains. I just can't help but pick it up when I see a drop. It's newer to the AR med market. We got our first batches dropped just before 4/20/2023. The cultivator Revolution is the grower. Our batches are lime green frosty and fruity as can be. The flavor is phenomenal. I mean it's crazy tasty and delivers a punch. This is a flavor chasers dream. I hope we get zip jars of this soon. We have 1.5g taster jars. lol So picking up a few is a real treat because its pricey but absolutely worth it.

Gas Breath

Some of the Strongest gas terps Ive had in a while. Its got chem, funky gas, and a sweetness about it that I cant get enough of . The wax form smacks hard and just lasts and lasts. This batch is from Leafology medical grower from AR. Again I got mine in wax form with 91.49% total cannabinoids and 5.94% terps. This is an incredible strain for extracts. A must try for an evening in and needing some deep relief. *9/10*

Skunk Valley Haze

Really pretty flowers. I like this flower from GDF. The batch I got are all incredible dark green dense nugs. Doesn't remind me of a typical haze but its good. Nice buzz, nice smell, nice flavor, and easy to smoke on.

Sumo Grande

The SUMO GRANDE strain is one that has grown on me. It's pretty popular at Suite 443 and every time its on feature or I find an In house grow. Ill pick some up. It's got an incredibly pungent nose with strong citrus and sour d like smells. The buds are always completely frosted out, dense, and sticky. The buds are also very much a lime green, has tiny orange hairs, and when busted open the aroma gets even stronger. The buzz is uplifing, happy, euphoric, and makes me just feel at ease. It does give a slight metallic aftertaste but overall shes a hit!


Excellent flavor and great buzz thats mildly uplifting, relaxing and euphoric. It really shows the tangie side in Bud structure and flavor. I am a huge tangie fan so this really hits the spot when you cant find tangie.

Jungle Breath

VERY PRETTY! Nice bud structure. Buds on this batch are a tad dry but overall the Dense pretty nugs covered in trichs make up for it. It has an interesting smell almost hard to describe. It tastes sweet and similar to mendo breath just a hint sweet with a peppery exhale. Smokes very nice and smooth easy to smoke even in a dry pipe.Potent effects grab quickly heavy euphoria. Really makes me feel care free. Overall Im pleased. Totally worth a shot if you like Ogs or Mendo breath IMO

Glazed Apricot Gelato

This strain is surprisingly good. I got mine from Leafology in the AR med market. The flavor is on point some citrus and other fruity notes really come through while smoking. It's fairly smooth. It gives me that classic stoney and tingly high. Well balanced between mind and body and she lingers for quite some time. Even the picky ones should give this one a shot. It really shot me down memory lane and reminds me not all cannabis has to be 20 % or greater. This tested at 15.5% and is still incredible. I can see this strain being beneficial to someone who wants a calming anti anxiety strain. For sure getting more when I re up.