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Columbia Care - Manhattan

Amazing location. It’s like an Apple store!!! Has a great new selection of products including ground flower pods and $35 disposable vapes. Super easy to find product and the pharmacists there are well educated. 10/10 experience.

Be. Brooklyn

Not a good atmosphere at all. The location is nice (ie, it is around beautiful landmarks and is nearby my house); however, it is not priced well and the selection is very limited. Wish you worked with more of the producers in this state to offer a larger array of products!!!


Great location. The profits are not priority here... it’s the patient. Breath of fresh air when all the other companies are focused on squeezing every last dollar out of the consumer.

Cannabist - Bonita Springs

Really great team. I went last month and they were all very friendly and helped me get a great discount on some new product. Would recommend

Columbia Care - Ponce (CLOSED)

This is probably one of the most experienced producers I’ve ever come across. Their product is superior to everyone’s in New York State as they have more to doseable product than anyone else