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EarthMed - Addison (Recreational)

Door/Security staff Very nice and professional. Parking is iffy, but it is rare that I cannot get a spot in the lot. geared to ringing up sales, not much assistance. Rob

Hatch - Addison (MED)

Doormen/Security Guys ALL very courteous and professional. NIce Guys! Never have had a problem with parking. I have Hatch/addison as my preferred store, seems more like a CLUB there sometimes. Hatch employees will spend a few minutes with you suggesting products. that other place is like a productiion line at times. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS!! ROB

EarthMed - Addison (Medical)

Very busy today at noon and I still got a parking spot right away. To get inside, It never seems to take over a few mins wait. I often walk right in the door with NO LINE! Once in, lines are usually pretty short . The key to parking here and shorter lines inside is to not arrive at opening time. The Best times are like weekdays 2-4pm in my opinion. Supply is pretty good, quality is good. Would like to see those $45 an eigth prices return.