Blackberry Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “buds were nice and dense, green and purple color and real frosty... smoked out a bong and delivered smooth and tasteful hits... high was relaxing without getting tired or couch lock.. was still motivated and energetic enough to do things if needed..”

  • “Fruity Taste .. Very positive mood”

  • “Well... I'd hate to see this shit get dabbed. Cause it would lock you up. But this is some very good pain relief use. I recommend. But who am I??”

  • “I love this strain.. Great for my anxiety, PTSD and MS.. Not a real heavy hitter.. No fatigue or lethargy from this strain, which is very important for me. I suggest if your looking for a good day time med give this one a shot!”

  • “I found this strain to be exactly what I prefer in a sativa. It uplifted my spirit, gave me a very good mental high without impairing me and was also very easy on the lungs. I found it easier to smoke the blackberry haze by rolling (with joints as I do not smoke blunts often) rather than packing a bowl as it burns out rather fast. It was actually the right speed I prefer so that if you pass it around without letting ...”

  • “It makes you straight up HAPPY FACE...”

  • “smells and tastes good. makes ur thinker work.”

  • “This strain is like my weed soulmate. if I smoke this strain before bedtime I can go mostly pain free for almost a day! It also really enhances your mood n puts you in a good headspace. Blackberry haze is a godsend.”