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Central American

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What is Central American?

Central American refers to the indigenous varieties of cannabis (or landraces) that grow natively in this region of the world. Because of this region's latitude and climate, these native landrace strains tend to be sativa in structure and effect.


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Central American Effects and Attributes

Dry Mouth

Central American Flavors

  • 1. Earthy
  • 2. Diesel
  • 3. Sweet

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“Moved from Houston, Tx 🚀 San José, Costa Rica. The capital is where the best ganja scene for sure our here. This stuff is called "creepy" and it's considered their 'premium' vs what the locals call "Rasta" that can be in almost all the beach towns and what is mainly sold to tourist at a high price. Rasta weed is horrible boo boo weed. ☠️ Creepy however not half bad. A solid high that hits quick and smells good. It D...”