East Coast Sour Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “so , a quick distinction between east and west coast sour. just from a physical point of view , the west coast sours seem to be a bit chunkier in bud width , compared to the foxtaily dense motherfu****s that are ECSD buds . also on the west coast it seems that their "sour" has prodiminatly white hairs compared to the shorter maroon hairs of the ECSD. now that, that is out of the way , ECSD is my shit . so bomb if it...”

  • “Had to do an essay for school and couldn't keep my ADHD from acting up so smoked a little of this and sat down and pumped it out. I became very focused on the screen and it made it very easy to write. Love the sour smell and taste to it. Definitely could smoke before work or school.”

  • “A friend and I smoked this godsend on a Sunday night at about 9:30. 2 bowls in my bubbler got us stupid high. And despite the description, I was able to go home at 11:30, devour a can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, pass out, and wake up at 5:45 for school with absolutely no problem. Probably one of the best strains I've ever smoked.”

  • “This shit had me tripn”

  • “One of the best Sativa's ever tried. Very potent. If you medicate too much it can induce anxiety. I also found it hard to sleep for at least an hour after medicating.”

  • “I LOVE this strain. FIRE! DANK! NOM NOMS! I had Harmony Farms(love this grower) East Coast Sour Diesel. I have smoked over 2 ounces of this over the summer. It's THAT good! This is a STRONG sativa. FEELIN' GOOD! This is a euphoric, happy to the point of giggly, very productive, talkative, high-gear, focused and clear-headed you will be. Like being pleasantly jazzed after your first one and a half cups of dark cof...”

  • “ECSD really helps with my fatigue. I can have somei n the morning and have great energy through out the day. If you havent had this strain before or its been a while, go easy at first its kinda strong at first. It also gave me the munchies. So if you need to eat more this will do the trick. ECSD worked wonders for my inflamation. My pain went from a 6 tp a 2 within a day or two and a week it was gone”

  • “Smoked with dfitz and stared at the steering wheel for a minute”