Euforia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This gave me the euphoric feeling along with creativity and the energy to do stuff. Helps with suppression of the munchies. Better if you grind it and do a one hitter. Tends to last longer than most I've tried. Anxiety level is way lower and I can actually have a conversation without getting stuck. As for does help. Taking a piece of medicinal chocolate heightens the body high to relax more and no pain...”

  • “Hit me like a sack of stinky galactic bricks. This strain is quite possibly one of the best Sativas on the market. Very Flowery and light smoke, sweet, but potent. When It hits you, you will feel the name. Not even kidding. This reminds me of the old Southern Creepers in the way that you smoke a bowl, and then five minutes later it hits you. Hard. Euphoria is one of those weeds that I can be satisfied completely by s...”

  • “I just smoked my last bit of this and looking back, I can say the high did last a long time relative to other strains. I would blaze a bowl and would feel a good buzz for about two hours (note here I smoke about a gram daily so my tolerance is fairly high). As far as how it made me feel, it definitely gave off a euphoric feeling, but with that I also felt very energetic and talkative chatting up a storm about what ...”

  • “Was looking forward to writing this review. Had 2 of my best experiences ever with this strain. First one was on a regular night with a friend. At some point we went outside to smoke a bowl of this wonderful strain mixed with some amnesia haze. The effect came in very late this time. So I smoked a cig before going back inside. When getting some food and drinks I was thinking we may need to smoke another bowl. But the...”

  • “Had the best sex ever on this. Love it. Didn't put me to sleep”

  • “Great for nausea!”

  • “My favorite. My love. Very strong shit, but u can smoke it with non experienced people and they wont be anxious. Pure happiness, Im always like somebody turned gravitation down a lil bit. Word. Smells so f**kin good. I dont even want to open the windows. Once I smoke outdoor Euphoria from my friend, that was like the best weed ever. Unique. CLASSY. 5*”

  • “This shit is awesome. One down point is the excessive "dry mouth" but it can easily be reduced by drinking tea or water. I wouldn't recommend drinking alcohol with this, as it may increase the effects and fet s you out if control but still would be a very nice feeling. After taking a small amount, I had serious affection to music and danced for years then I played video games and it got me so high I could feel every ...”