Grapefruit Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Nice strong smell, many orange hairs and a decent lasting high. Not too much sleepiness or hunger inducement, so it's great for a wake and bake session.”

  • “Got a qp of Grapefruit Haze. I have loved Haze ever since i 1st found a spot that had 30s of a SS Haze pheno called catpiss, I was 16 11yrs ago and still love it today. The batch i got had 3z of indica dominant and 1z of a sativa dom pheno. Honestly there was little differnce besides bud structure,the highs were identical despite what you would think. The smell is a peppery grapefruit aroma ,a perfect blend of flavor...”

  • “Only smoke I've ever tried that kept me creative even in depression. Maybe not quite as creative, but still...”

  • “Just the high I like. Very good, happy strain. Helps me overcome crippling social anxiety, so that I can leave my room (and even house), and to interact with other human beings, to make it a positive experience for all. It's so nice to have found this strain in particular, to help feel better in the face of evil, more confident, more joyful that it is miserable. As you can tell, this strain also makes one tend to lik...”

  • “the high is pretty cerebral it really taste like a mix of grape and a lavender taste, The smell is a intense pepper and lavender aroma you should try this in a vaporizer!”

  • “This strain is one of my new favorites. Was able to hang out with friends, not feel anxious at all, but still relaxed. Ended up laughing so hard that I almost got a cramp in my stomach. After about an hour I had some serious munchies though!”

  • “oooohhh yeah... I got this tonight but in concentrate form and ooowweeeeiii!!!😆 smell like grapefruit ,tastes like a spicy grapefruit and immediately hits u with a smile and a happy dome shot of the gigs.... wish I can give it 10 stars for wax😆”

  • “it really smells like pepper and it has some purple green mix color tastes like kind of lavender and the high is very cerebral and doesnt give a really Hard bodystone ill recommend to try it”