Green Lantern Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “The Green Lantern surely sticks to its name, saving your lame ass and making you a goddamn hero. This really brought the most positive and creative side of me that lasts for hours. The effects come upon you pretty lightly and took about 25 mins to kick in. Effects may vary. I did a lot of introspective soul searching which is why I have such a positive attitude with and without this strain, but it was definitely bec...”

  • “It has a bold piney/citrus/sweet scent and flavor(pretty epic) whilst delivering a massive blow to the head and body; Very good sativa. It also has an inkling of a butteriness to it when smoked. The fragrance outperforms the flavor, but not the high...not by a longshot... Notable for the hazy long-lasting full-body buzz, being incredibly smooth, great taste and smell, an instant classic!!! Uplifts the mood and b...”

  • “This strain is perfect for anyone! This strain gives a long lasting high great for anyone. Everything about this strain is incredible: Effects-happy, uplifted, energetic(in the beginning of the high, tired/couch locked(in the middle of the high), and hungry as fuck Smell-piney citrus, almost like soap or lemon pledge Taste-piney and citrus and diesel after taste Looks-dark green with dark red pistils Good for-an...”

  • “very easy on the body yet the perfect amount of medication which is great in the morning to get ready for the day best strain for being active so far”

  • “This is without a doubt the most potent weed I've ever smoked. It's very different then your average weed, it is a super cerebral high, almost no body high at all, and it does not provide the warm fuzzy feeling most weed does. It's a real treat and a blast, but is definitely situational, I would not use it for relaxing, but if you're down for some self exploration and wonder get ready because this strain will give yo...”

  • “Lmao crazy name cause this strain left me spacey. Green Lantern is a straight head high thanks to Jack Herer and it's definitely a top 15 strain for me. If you need something for socializing I would definitely recommend Green Lantern. Big nugs and very dense and dark green! Earthy, pungent taste with the hint of lemon. 4.7 out of 5 Fuzzy Stars 😎🤘😗🌿🔥💨”

  • “This strain is wondrous. It's energetic, happy and uplifting while still providing a pain-free body numbing. I'm very mentally alert and I can think faster than my fingers can type right now. This is my fifth attempt at writing this review...I accidently keep erasing it. One great time.”

  • “This strain literally made me feel like a superhero lol. My 4-5 homeboys and I (stoners) all got lifted, and would highly recommend.”