Heisenberg Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I smoke it and had my own concert lmaoo”

  • “Top 5 all time.”

  • “Very Flavorful, sweet sour berry citrus earthy smooth. The cotton mouth seems to never end. Is it a creeper u betcha. Very relaxing, yet energetic, I can feel it mostly in my eyes of all places. and my vision does seem a bit clearer, interesting”

  • “i really gotta say this is one of the best strains i've ever tried. im in love!!”

  • “Sweet smell and taste”

  • “heisnberg kush is A+let it go for 8 weeking flowering You will be happy.! so keep slow ..............................”

  • “Instant cerebral bliss felt along with the classicsativa rush, while a warmth washes over the body and brain resulting in a soaring mix of high and stoned. got me motivated to write this review....while sitting here pain free in a good state of mind. focused(rare:)”

  • “Never been so involved with my creativity until I smoked this strain. A complete body high and mind high. Just smoke up, take a seat, and let your brain go! I'll rate this in my top 5 easily.”