Island Maui Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hits you aside the head first. Bewilderingly gobbled up ability to think straight but there remains a subtle sharpness that not only adds much needed contrast but really shows how staggeringly consuming the high gradually becomes. Like slow motion ego loss, haha. Vision is a bit muddy and out of focus. Very physical, though - sense of touch is extra stimulating. Music is real nice...captivating. It encompasses you do...”

  • “*quite* potent, mesmerizing sativa. Not for the faint of heart but produces unbelievably amazing effects. I bought something at an Oregon dispensary marketed under the name 'Island,' but was described as essentially the same cross as what is on here so I assume it must be fairly close. You don't need to smoke too much of this to get blasted - my normal 'dose' for MJ of one large hand pipe bowl was enough to put me i...”

  • “aroma is a bit striking reminding one of household cleaner. hits in a wonderful warming manner washing over the body. the smoke is not acrid at all and cascades into the lungs. am curious to see how this would hit via vape /concentrate. one bonus for me was that i found that even partaking at 10pm, i woke refreshed and rejuvenated.”

  • “Absolutely amazing.. Love the mellow draw and the subtle tropical aftertaste.. Great for pain relief, a little goes a long way.. Definitely one of my top 3 faves..”

  • “Great daytime smoke for pain, depression and nausea. Relaxing with no couch lock.”

  • “I enjoyed this strain a lot. Chilled me out and made some of my allergy/cold symptoms subside so I could still do stuff.”

  • “Chill & focused vs happy & euphoric. This strain is perfect for going out to the bars, clubs, and concerts. You're awareness skyrockets while maintaining your enjoyment of the music that's around. There's a hint of sharpness in your social skills that carries you through you hazy mindset. You might want to have a glass of water nearby to prevent dry mouth and hazy vision. My first experiance in Amsterdam was a gre...”

  • “This is a nice head high sativa with fruity tropical smells all about with a bit of that dank piney smell too, very nice for an outdoors event or something active.”