Jamaican Lion Reviews

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  • “High CBD! This is the best medical strain I've used. An excellent medical smoke. Quickly takes away moderate pain, anxiety, etc for hours with only a mild "high" that fades after 30 minutes to leave behind a relaxed, completely functional feeling. Highly recommend as a day smoke. Best results (medically) are by vape; smoked is more intoxicating. Dose is easy to titrate, take as little or as much as you need. A good n...”

  • “Simply a magical strain. Jamaican Lion is a Godsend. One of the few times that I can honestly say that I agree with the writeup in the Strain Highlights section entirely. I am giving this strain a 10/10, as I feel that it is perfect. If you have anxiety, it will lift it away with no paranoia. Jamaican Lion will leave you happy and uplifted, all while being able to focus. It feels like my usual manic state ha...”

  • “Jamaican Lion is the shit, I can't stress it more. With almost 18% THC and nearly 8% CBD this strain is heaven to smoke. This sativa will give you a head full of energy and creativity as well as a strong uplifting effect. The CBD in this strain will sneak up on you as well, curing anxiety and pain without you knowing.”

  • “High CBD, great for anxiety. Leaves a little of a buzzy feeling, but it fades after half an hour or so, then leaves you relaxed so you can get things done. 10/10 would recommend.”

  • “(S/I) Mountain Lion x Jamaican Yarders 9%CBD / 7%THC $16g at Elemental Wellness and the second place winner of the High Times Cup in San Jose for best CBD Strain. Great mood lifter, stress-buster, pain-reliever, and all around relaxing strain. Very good for chilling with friends without being dumb or checked-out. Very satisfying head+body strain - doesn't affect your focus too much but will make you lazy.”

  • “I'm not to sure but I recently visited Jamaica on a count of I have family there , and I got my hands on some weed not to sure it was this strain but after reading about it a little it kinda did match the similarities of this strain very calming , not to cloudy or to much to where you can't focus its a good smoke do sent taste bad at all and keep a you at a mellow high level . I smoked at least 4 fat J's a day and wa...”

  • “This is one of my absolute favorite strains. Good for headaches but even better for anxiety, ADHD & depression. There's a little bit of a buzz but not enough to interfere with day-to-day life.”

  • eb

    “cleAr headed- just tried. reminds me of Harlequin. relax. no problems. upper”