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North American Sativa Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Is this the stuff that was coming around mid to late 80s? We called it Christmas tree sense, it had a piney smell, tasted like the 70s hash i had. it was wonderful, satavia head buzz, with heavy burn out on the end. I was lucky enough to just pick up a strain of this lineage, and the smell, taste, and buzz take me back to 85....Check it out if you ever run in to it Classic”

  • “Smokes like ATF!!!!!!!”

  • “Smoked a few bowls before mixing it in a joint with cookies. Fantastic outdoor bc sativa. Cheap as chips at the dispensary and smokes like a lovely hashy dream”

  • “lived in Alaska 11 yrs. and never smoked any so i can`t compare it to the original.finally smoked it in Washington.spicy,earthy and a little diesel smell in it.good smoke but i have a pretty high tolerance.put out by Triple T Farms,harvested in July and pkgd in Aug. so it was a little dry which can affect the was good but i was a bit disappointed,maybe i was expecting too much!probably nothing like the or...”

  • “this review was f/ Alaskan Thunderfuck not North American Sativa.”