Outer Space Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great great great daytime smoke. Couple hits and you are in... well... Outerspace! This is a strong one and it didn't take much to send me into orbit to party with Major Tom. Seems to make everything outside a hell of lot more colorful and interesting. Certainly in my top 5... and I've plowed through quite a few strains now... 40+. Overall I would give this a 9++ Don't pass this one up if you like a good Sativa!”

  • “Outer Space is some of the best quality, best tasting, best high that i've had. It launches you to the moon, for sure. It makes you a little sleepy so it is great for after work/after dinner treat. Very sweet tasting, very floral. I heart you, OS.”

  • “Awesome Sativa! Psychedelic type of effect with great visuals (not to be mistaken with hallucinations). Felt relaxed yet uplifted. A great daytime med yet not energized when compared to other sativas such as green crack. I'm prone to anxiety on many strains yet this one had no such negative effect. This is a must try! I picked these flowers up at Fresh Baked Dispenary in Boulder, CO (great chill vide with quality m...”

  • “My favorite strain of Marijuana is Green Crack. Unfortunately, no one in Illinois is growing Green Crack as of yet. Outer Space has almost identical effects. I got off the couch, turn off the TV and actually started doing things around the house that i have been putting off for the past six months. I was tired, aggravated & in a bad mood. I had purchased a gram of Outer Space the day before from a Dispensary, so I d...”

  • “Wasn't sure what to do with myself so I headed down to my favorite local dispensary to check the latest product arrival. Happened upon some "Outer Space", promptly drove home and medicated. When the flowers were separated and broken the scent they omitted was cyber-berry with hints of citrus in the backdrop (very nice). In the back of my mind I thought: "It would be great to have the oil changed in the car..." Mi...”

  • “It can be hard to find sincerely incredible sativas, but this strain stands out from the pack with its immensely strong and uplifting high. Truly puts you into outer space.”

  • “Nice. Well Done. Uplifting but not too energetic. Mellow and relaxed but not lethargic, and could still easily fall asleep.”

  • “Perfect strain for people who want to go out with friends but also a good selection to chill with some music also with people around you. Not a long high but a quality one. Outer Space is just as its name sais.”