Quantum Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Goooood stuff (4.5 stars)! The taste/aroma are wonderful (5/5) - so sweet and fruity. Smokes really smooth. Visually a stunning strain (5/5_ - lime green nugs absolutely covered in glistening trichs, super sticky. At ~28% thc, it packs a punch, but is surprisingly mellow for its strength. Happiness and euphoria are the main effects of this strain. The high (4/5) comes on like a sativa - pretty clear and uplifting - b...”

  • “Just picked up a Quarter of this ...full disclosure, I am a medical patient with Chronic nerve pain, and Fibromyalgia, so I have quite a bit of pain to medicate, but let's be honest, I also like to get really high! I have smoked marijuana every day (with a few exceptions of course) for at least 15 years. I told you all that to tell you this... I can't finish this bowl. I just keep forgetting what I'm doing. Im so...”

  • “Quantum always treats me right. Absolutely one of my personal favorites. If you havent gave it a try, you must!”

  • “what an awesome strain. beautiful compact buds, long awesome highs. recommended for wanting to lay back. also made me pretty creative with writing, and better at decision making.”

  • “this is a Homegrown Natural Wonders strain not a TGA strain”

  • “Even from its pungent smell you get the feeling of complete wonder on to what comes next, this high in my opinion feels like no other and the effort put in to get this beauty was worth it! I would go on for hours but I don't how to describe nor at the same time do I want to give away much through this review ;) this I wouldn't recommend to a first time user but for someone with experience and knowledge to appreciat...”

  • “Great strain one of the best highs I've ever had”

  • “I got two fat beautiful 2 gram size nugs each with an awesome sweet smell. This strain really is an awesome sativa wakes u up or keeps you awake. My only issue is how paranoid it makes me and then sends me into a small anxious rollercoaster!! It's not hazy at all, very cerebral. Regardless if you love hardcore sativas, this is it!!”