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Shaman Reviews - Page 2

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Great sativa. Good body high too. Euphoric and creative cerebral effects with slight tingle. Very relaxing and no paranoia. Amazing purple buds, giving off an immense fruity/flower aroma. This definitely is my favorite purple bud that happens to be sativa.”

  • “This is a strain that is a lot stronger than I thought,estimated around 14%. Personally I had this strain over thirty years ago, this is the original purple skunk. I grew this myself and I have to say that this strain does purple, some more so than others, I have three plants at 4 and half foot tall. They are bushy and an indoor grow, the smell is not strong, the flavor tastes like hard candies which is nice, the smo...”

  • “Very distinct taste ! It's pretty flowery with a bit of spice. This stuff was extremely heady and gives you a tiny body high as well. These boat times are too spicy for the pepper.”

  • “Overall I found it to be a very pleasant sativa high with just enough indica to relax. Shaman is a good name for this blend, good deep thought and relaxation.”

  • “Shaman (in Concentrate form) is by far a great, great strain for not only veterans of the concentrate field, but beginners as well. I usually burn through a half g of Shatter, or crumble in a day. I've had this stuff for six days and counting, and have a half g left. Last night I smoked out two fellow patients but first timers dabbing, and they both said they had never been this medicated before. (this is off one hit...”

  • “This was my first purple strain, the smoke was a lil' skunky, beautiful mixed green and purple bud presentation, nice amount trichomes! Shaman made for superb daytime medication, a great one to get things done!”

  • “wonderful”

  • “Gave my buds and I a very physically relaxed, euphoric high. It's pretty close to perfect.”