Sour Amnesia Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Hands down one of the best strains I have ever smoked. It is simply incredible. On looks and smell alone I had to purchase it. It smelt like a box of Sour Nerds candy and looked like something you would have found in a secret prototype room at Willy Wonka's factory. The effects of this particular strain are some of the best I have ever felt; I was relaxed, lucid, stress free and surprisingly cheery. It lifted ...”

  • “Diesel knocked up Amnesia and their sweet flower child is a total knockout. Sour D makes everything better, trumping Amnesia musty flavor in lieu of a tart, citrusy, funk and smooth Diesel exhaust. This hip new twist on an old twist is hands down better than her predecessors. I hope she sticks around awhile, shes grand.”

  • “Really nice wake and bake strain this strain will get you going for the whole day - Decent Taste ( i wasn't a big fan but my friends were ) - Smooth Throat Hit - Uplifted, Energetic, Alert High”

  • “Sour Amnesia is absolutley amazing. Take variety i got was actually Amnesia Haze x Sour Diesel so it was heavy sativa, the color and look diddnt remind me of sour until a closer look showed those curled tips and sour bud structure.Its Overall green/yellow color turns out to be a mix of pink,purple,green,yellow,and red under a white light. The smell was more fruit/citrus but the taste was the very distinct sour diesel...”

  • “This strain made me feel so uplifted & full of happiness, I really liked the sensation during the high, its a really strong sativa.”

  • “I am usually an indica or indica dominant girl, so I was going out on a limb getting this stuff. The look of the bud was awesome. Super frosty, thick but not too dense or crusty. The smell was really interesting. Almost like orangey, citrusy, or like citrus candy. Very sweet smelling. The taste was toasty and kind of earthy I think. Hard to put my finger on. The smoke was thick. At first, I felt a very nice body high...”

  • “Got 20 grams of this, grown outdoor in Portugal. Holy shit best high i've ever had, i'd describe it as 'clean' it's just a great uplifting creative high. Don't try and sleep after a gram joint of this though or your head will be spinning! Smoked 2 bowels in my hot tub and felt like I was falling :D”

  • “This is my new favorite sativa. So good I went back for more fearing it might run out. Starts with a powerful, mildly distorting high that comes on fast and tingles from head to toe. Cuts pain well. Settles in with a contented feeling that slows your roll w good vibrations.  Hard to focus the ole eyeballs but vision and coordination remain acute even at high speeds. No bad side-effects like dry mouth, which is ...”