Sour Chocolate Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Sour Chocolate (ECSD x Chocolope) Looks: Long dusty pale green nugs that make you think your lookin a fluffy batch of mexican brick bud from far away. This and the 3 pronged red hairs are a sign of NJs ECSD cut. When you look closern you see that its ugly flakeyness is also its beauty. Neither parent is overly pretty, but this strain was bred for flavor and effects. Smell/Taste: Heres were the fun starts and over whe...”

  • “Caused acid reflux.”

  • “great high, I felt very happy after smoking it. It pumps you up then chills you out”

  • “This weed, hits super hard fast. Only issue I have with it is that it hits kinda dry on the throat, maybe the sour side of it.. other than that it is a good, high and has a good minty chocolate taste.”

  • “Its a nice comfortable and chill high.. Smooth sweet taste”

  • “Best shatter ever, very smooth. Like you are being flooded with endorphins from dark chocolate overdose!”

  • “Using this strain because I have a strain of the flu, it helps with body aches, and makes me comfortably sleepy, however it does not help with nausea and appetite as much as other strains, but like all marijuana still helps the digestive track. Since I'm sick this strain is making my nose extra stuffy, and with dry eyes from the strain combined it can cause a headache.”