Sour Pebbles Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I was super stressed out and super irritable yesterday, and I decided to take a snap of Sour Pebbles. My stress was gone in an instant, and my day got a lot better. This is an awesome strain for anxiety and is perfect to give to a friend who is being a little bitch so they can chill TF out.”

  • “Absolute favorite strain and it's grown right here in Washington. Smoke this stuff just before work to deal with chronic body pain. Plus it gets me going, focused, and most of all enjoying the shit I don't want to do! Haha This is great for my social anxiety and all other stress/anxiety. I would highly recommend this strain, not only for the high, but it tastes like Fruity Pebbles. Weed and Fruity Pebbles?! Now that'...”

  • “This is a Strong Sativa High, similar to Snoops dream. Comes on fast,.like guzzling a coffee. Feel uplifted and happy, and seemed to lighten my vision like psychedelic mushrooms can. Eyes feel a bit weird. One hit is perfect...last time I pushed it with this strain, and was having to fight off the feeling of being on a rollercoaster. took a couple hours to feel normal. take it easy”

  • “My brain took a train down a river called Freedom.”

  • “Makes me happy and wanna dance and laugh a lot. But it doesn't last very long”

  • “This is a new strain that unthinkable going to become very popular. It's not overwhelming and makes you feel very social. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with social gatherings. Flower smell ☺️ Flower taste 😋 Flower high 😎”

  • “An absolutely tastes and sweet smelling Sativa”

  • “All i can say is wow i just got this and its awesome if you want something to get you happy with friends!👌🏾 definitely my favorite right now”