Sour Willie Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Outstanding, top 5 strain. Mellow, happy, uplifting feeling. Smooth, and smells delightful. 29% THC!”

  • “My favorite strain, great for any stomach discomfort, depression, anxiety etc... Gets you giggly, hungry, and makes everything awesome.”

  • “A hard hitting sativa, this will make you hungry after the first puff. Excellent if you have a hard time just looking at food and thinking you want that. Having a golden coat like golden goat brings out the light pale green and yellowish leafs. I like this simply because I know I should be eating more this helps me with my condition greatly. However the downside to this strain, is that the pain numbing is a little ov...”

  • “I was little worried at fist with ting this on due to the fact my wife and I have a bad reaction with high the sativas like ghost train haze but this one gives me all the energy without the paranoia and nausea and can still smoke it at night to wa t check a movie and not fall asleep, so yeah this one is a most 8f you can find it.”

  • “I personally use this strain during the day because its a 75/25 sativa/indica hybrid that is much easier to function with than its high THC % indica counterparts. It helps with crohn's disease to an extent - but not strong enough to eat a large portion of food. Tastes great, best when vaped, and also reeks when smoking or vaping, like across the backyard with a pipe level of smelliness. The head high is hard to think...”

  • “ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! this bud taste amazing and as a pro like me, it hits me like a train on the first hit you feel it all on your head immediately. recommend this strain 100 %. if only the dispense I get it from had it back...DAMN IT!!”

  • “Had a good o of this extremely potent and wonderful strain all the buds light green and just caked over and over with trichomes. Like someone just kept going on the icing on the cake the high is one of the best sativas I've had probably because of its sour diesel ancestry. Focused and feeling like you can tackle anything clean up the shed in the back your room or get to doing something you've been meaning to.”

  • “Got this at the Garden State Dispensary in NJ. Great flavor (especially when vaporized). Makes you love everything, food tastes better, great pain killer, stops nausea... perfect for IBS and similar medical conditions. In NJ its labeled SW. 0463% THC, 29.14% THCA and 0.031% CBDA.”