South American Reviews

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  • “fucked me up!!”

  • “In BRAZIL NORTHEAST we have the original MANGA ROSA or "pink mango" used to make the white widow. the brazilian strain has an earthy mango aroma, CABROBO is the land were this particular landrace can be found in its purest.”

  • “The strenght depends the climate that the plants developed. Colombian landrace are strenghter than chilean landrace because this type of sativa develop beter with a tropical wheather.”

  • “Equatorial sativas are the Best. No buzz, super heady high that Last for hours and gets you active.”

  • “this strain has an super duppa uplift high. I listen to music while high and I started to dance, and the floor seems moving with me. I was very surreal, almost like acid”

  • “this shit makes me super high, and have a good tasty of mango”

  • “This makes you see things lol, this is bricked but it's some good quality shit, makes you see weird things like tripping with buildings and you hear things too, and you create something like a story with those hallucinations, im superhigh this weed is so trippy”

  • “Brazilians and Paraguayan Sativas that the seeds came from brick weed. they grow tall smell like mango and citrus. head buzz like a 12 caliber shoot in the head.”