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  • “I just got some trinity kush delivered from westside organic. Suuuuper frosty, looks like a fucking snickerdoodle. This shit is BOMB. Not even halfway through vaping one bowl and i can already tell its the best weed i've ever had. The effects are unlike any other kind of weed i've had yet. Every once in a while a weed comes along that feels completely different from all the rest, this one is it. Its a very psyc...”

  • “Got some Trinity Blueberry from Bridge City Collective. I am in love with this strain. Soft and mellow euphoria, while being fully functional, not confused- actually focused. Took quite a while to fully come on- maybe half an hour? Very uplifting- I can see this being great for depression. Could also see this being a GREAT social strain. I also think it helped with my knee pain. I definitely am not aware of it (the...”

  • “Picked this up in Portland a few times. Small compact flower. Very good for a day time medicine. It's a bit strong for the novice. Some tend to get a blissful night's rest as well. I always enjoy anything with hints of blueberry.”

  • “This is by far the best strain I have ever had in almost 2 decades of smoking and being a connoisseur. It's unique but skunky smell is so potent I only opened a jar in a bedroom to take a whif covertly in a hostile for cannabis home. The jar was opened literally for like 1 second. It permeated the whole house! I had to flee my fascist Fathers GF as she called the cops. Point being this cannabis is extreeeeeemly ...”

  • “I have PTSD & suffer from insomnia and nightmares/night terrors. Trinity not only helps me get to sleep, but my nightmares/terrors have also decreased drastically. Definitely good stuff if you have sleep issues. If not? You'll get hella baked. lol Pretty potent & last a decent amount of time...which is a really mellow high that'd be excellent for anxiety/panic and even depression. It's not so mellow that it bums ...”

  • “Smoked over 100 strains and this is by far the best. X Special Forces Veteran, PTSD, Migrains, Depression, Pain, Anxiety, takes care of all these problems if its what u got.”

  • “im a straight sativa person cuz I love being uplifted n on the go n this hybrid Trinity strain is a GREAT sativa dominant. It lifte me up and has me on the go which I love. And it helps out my low back muscle spasms from gettin to bad and lowering the pain. Great strain definitely worth the money.”

  • “I love Trinity. It gives me energy, makes me happy and gives a great overall high without taking me over. No anxiety at all which can be my big negative with some strains. One of my favorites.”