White Durban Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I love this strain. The cross of Whitefire OG with Durban Poison was an excellent idea and produced a wonderful strain. This bud has the whole package down. The smell is that of Durban with a sweeter pungent undertone to it and breaking open a bud is almost intoxicating itself. The buds are extremely dense and dusted in white trichomes. It breaks down surprisingly easy for such dense bud; evenly too not clumpy or in...”

  • “White Durban woke me right up after wake-n-bake. Earthy bud that pairs well with coffee. Not for novice smokers or the overly anxious.”

  • “Providing a euphoric, energetic high, White Durban is a wonderful strain for an early morning or a detail-oriented task requiring mental clarity. Aroma: Sweet Flavor: Woody”

  • “White Durban by Fireline in Washington State. Tested at 33.4% THC. This sativa dominant is beautiful and potent. Light fluffy green buds covered in trichomes and orange hairs. The aroma is a sweet and woody blend with hints of citrus on the surface, and a rich, pungent, earthy smell once broken down. The inhale leaned towards harsh, with a light citrus flavor, while the exhale exhibited woody and earthy notes, also a...”

  • “Phenomenal smell. Nice light and fluffy nugs. The taste is fantastic. All around amazing strain! Would recommend this for any person looking for a daytime smoke.”

  • “head high 86 body high feeling light 85 hungry 12 focus 18 feelbreathing at higher % my bronchial tubes feel like the expanded and i got an oxygen high”

  • “Durban Poison with a twist is how I describe this strain. Maybe Durban Poison with a punch is better. The effects are DP like with an extra stony edge. I am still very uplifted, but my mind wanders a bit more than with Durban Poison. Dense nugs, with an earthy, pine and citrus taste. Recommended.”

  • “Provides a euphoric, energetic high. Great for mornings.”