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Read people’s experiences with the cannabis strain Barbara Bud.

Barbara Bud effects

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30 people reported 215 effects
73% of people report feeling relaxed
50% of people report feeling sleepy
26% of people report feeling uplifted
26% of people report feeling euphoric
23% of people report feeling happy
Dry mouth
36% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
20% of people report feeling dry eyes
16% of people report feeling dizzy
10% of people report feeling anxious
6% of people report feeling headache
40% of people say it helps with pain
40% of people say it helps with stress
33% of people say it helps with insomnia
23% of people say it helps with depression
Lack of appetite
23% of people say it helps with lack of appetite


September 4, 2017
Picked up on a local island shop. Was stoked to get my hands on it after hearing about it. Bland boring bud .. not very good. Not sure why anyone would be so stoked for this. Maybe a different grower would do better . Dispensaries need to stop stocking sub meds like this.
March 28, 2018
This weed is very good use when you’re stressed or can’t sleep. It relaxes you so much, it’s ideal for night use, not a good idea smoking it before going to a party. Warning: Some people may feel dizzy.
September 12, 2018
Awesome Strain...Shout out to Matt at The House Of The Great Gardner!!!...
April 1, 2017
I purchased a high CBD variant of Barbara Bud to give it a try. It sounded like it would be a good strain to use for pain and insomnia. It was very mellow and really didn't provide much in the way of relief for pain or insomnia. The effects are very weak. It is just one one those strains that doesn't really do a whole lot for me so I am unlikely to buy it again.
November 29, 2017
I suffer from anxiety, but I have never felt anxious smoking Barbara so I was surprised to see the negatives on here. I feel rather happy and relaxed, and I sleep like a baby. This is definitely my go-to when I want to relax.
March 13, 2019
Great Strain!
September 17, 2016
Dry eyes
This review is for the indica dominant strain affectionately named “Barbra Bud”. The strain that I have comes from my favorite producer Broken Coast, located in British Columbia Canada and punches in with a respectable 19.2 % THC. This strain is 90% Indica. When I opened the sealed bottle I was a little disappointed at the lack of smell from the buds. Barbra only has a light spicy, woodsy smell and I prefer my buds to have a strong smell about them. I guess I view my medicine in the same way I view my food, it must start off with a good smell and have a nice visual and finally a nice taste. So any bud that has all of that AND works for my symptoms quickly hits my top five. Unfortunately Barb doesn’t cut it in either the smell or taste departments and visually speaking, despite the nice sized buds from BC, she is rather plane Jane, nothing special. At the time of my purchase money was tight and BC was selling Barb for a very low price, so I bought her not knowing anything about the strain. I suffer from severe chronic pain following a car accident and I always need to have some indica on hand as I find it the most helpful for my pain and nausea. After making my purchase I did some research on the strain and it said that it was amazing for pain… Well, I can tell you that while it did help with my pain, it wasn’t nearly as good as my top five indicas are and I was left rather disappointed. Two things I really didn’t like about this strain is the serious couch lock and the next day drowsiness. I have to assume that this is due to Barb being 90% Indica and only 10% Sativa. Don’t be surprised if you don’t get much done when you take it, or the next day after either. To help counter this side effect I mixed it with a good Sativa, Northern Lights Haze (see my review of NLH) and it seemed to help a bit, but was far from a perfect solution. I guess in the end I got what I paid for, and despite it helping my pain I will not be buying this strain again due to its severe couch lock and next day drowsiness. I will stick to the strains which range at 70-80% Indica and 20-30% Sativa.