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I smoked this with a buddy of mine and it was his first time smoking weed. I got some of the Cannalope Haze from another friend who I have smoked with a few times prior. I like to know what I smoke beforehand so that I can associate any interesting feelings I get during the high with the strain. I didn't know what Cannalope was before trying it but realized that I underestimated its potency. While smoking the joint (around half a gram), I got halfway through when my body told me it had enough. So I gave the remaining joint to my friend, who finished it. As we walked back across a field, I got halfway and forgot who I was or what in the world was happening. My body felt very "heavy" and so I tried jumping up and down to try and focus but to no avail. My friend didn't feel anything, but I was so paranoid that I needed him to help me get across the road back to my place. Afterwards, I went to my other friend (the one who gave me the Cannalope) because I needed to talk to him about the experience (the friend I smoked with went back to his place safely and took a nap). I lay down on his bed and my body felt like Jello. I was making conversation with him while he watched Game of Thrones, but couldn't actually make sense of what I was saying (just some gibberish). Shortly after this, I went back to my room to chill out and watch some Netflix. This was an interesting experience and the most intense high I've experienced so far.

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