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Avatar for IandI

If I could give Moose and Lobsta six stars, I would. In fact, I decided to post this review only after I went back to the dispensary and stocked up on more of this wonderful strain. It has become my new favorite sativa, edging out Casey Jones, Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. First, let me tell you how skeptical I was about Moose&Lobsta: A 5-star rating with less than 10 reviews at the time of this writing? That didn’t seem credible to me: A) It’s not a very big sample and B) A grower and a few friends could skew the voting to make a mediocre strain appear better than it is. But that’s not the case here. Moose&Lobsta is unlike anything I have ever smoked. They should really call this strain “Ecstasy” or “Sexy Fun Time” strain because that was the way it hit us. First, we both got very tactile, aroused and energized. I was very tired right before I smoked afraid any weed would just put me to sleep. I loved touching my partner, dancing, and playing together before we moved on activities better not to post in a review like this ☺. It heighten sensations while dulling pain, which is a neat trick. It also lasted a very long time. I smoked it about 6:30 PM and was still fairly high at 10:30 PM before falling asleep. I wouldn’t call this a bedtime strain by any means, but I was able to sleep on it just fine. Also, this is one sativa that doesn’t produce any anxiety or paranoia, which is something I am prone to experience some sativas. It’s also a very creative strain. My partner has more experience with this strain than I do, but she agrees that Moose&Lobsta continues to surprise and delight her even after smoking it for more than a week now with wonderful effects every time. The only downside with Moose And Lobsta are terrible, ravenous munchies. Be prepared to have some healthy snacks on hand with this one unless need help with your appetite.