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Natural Cannabis-Infused Powdered Mixes

Our story

Located in Denver, Athelas is a boutique manufacturing company that specializes in natural cannabis-infused powdered mixes.

As a small company, we’re able to offer high-quality artisan products and personalized customer service. In our quest to enhance creativity and wellness in ourselves and others, we make a point to include only natural, wholesome ingredients in our products. We make a point to embody the following values on a daily basis:

* Quality: We strive to deliver premium edibles with artisan ingredients and consistent potency. We also aim to enrich meaningful relationships with everyone we meet.

* Innovation: We’re committed to helping the cannabis industry grow by pioneering new ideas and keeping innovation at the heart of everything we do.

* Character: We highly value respect, integrity, passion, and the desire to improve the world, and we try to manifest these principles in everything we do.

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