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A Pure, Potent, Strain-specific experience.
That's what we deliver in every Ganja Gold product-and experience we call Connoisseur Pure. Crafted from the top 1% of available cannabis, our products are exclusive to all who seek a top-shelf experience. Call us particular, call us exacting, call us purveyors of a higher standard, but we only accept the top 1%, and leave the other 99% to those with less exacting standards. We seek out responsible growers and personally inspect, smell and sample each plant we consider, backing our experiential findings with testing from one of the highest regarded labs in the world. It's called integrity. We care about our patients and customers, producing only products we would use ourselves or provide to family and friends.
When you're in the top 1%, you can confidently lay claim to offering a premium product delivering an exceptional experience.
Purity matters, because you matter.

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  • CA, US: CDPH-10002450