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Jack Herer is a name that almost everyone in the cannabis community is familiar with. He wrote the controversial book The Emperor Wears No Clothes and was one of the most prominent pro-marijuana activists in history. The man became such a respected figure in the cannabis industry that a strain was even named after him. Sure to make its namesake proud, the Sativa-heavy weed is one of the most popular and highly awarded in the world.

Described as a "perfect blend" by its legion of fans, the herb has a well-balanced kick and appealing flavor. Additionally, it's also a no-fuzz plant that thrives even with just the basic TLC. No cannabis grower should be without this strain. With its feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis, growers can easily cultivate this legend of an herb in their own gardens.

Up to this very day, the exact genetic background of Jack Herer remains a secret. However, many experts believe that it is a three-way cross of Northern Lights #5, Shiva Skunk, and Haze. With such a star-studded lineage, it's no surprise the ganja became iconic. It is most loved for its happy Sativa and gentle calming Indica effects.

Jack Herer does its name plenty of justice by being a phenomenal all-rounder. Not only great for recreational use, medical users value the dope too. It boasts of an array of healing benefits for both physical and mental ailments.


Jack Herer is one of the most beloved and cultivated strains in the world. Simply put, this strain is a dream come true for growers. It produces hefty high-quality yields without a longer than average flowering time. A resilient type, bugs, molds, mildew, and diseases veer away from it. As such, it's considered a low maintenance strain, or at least the closest that one can get when it comes to cannabis.

This plant can be grown in either an indoor or outdoor setting. Regardless of where one wants to cultivate this strain, preparing an ample amount of space for it is a must. Jack Herer can grow up to 6-foot tall and higher just like a true Sativa.

Indoors, the beauty can grow well in a hydroponic setup and SOG method. Aptly feeding the plant and keeping its home warm at 20 to 27 degrees Celsius is also important. It flowers for 8 to 10 weeks during which the lanky beauty grows an enormous cola. Growers may need to install a support to make sure the branches won't break from the excessive weight. When it’s time for harvest, the plant can produce up to 400 to 500 grams of mouth-watering buds per square meter.

Outdoors, Jack Herer prefers a dry, balmy, and sunny environment. As it is free to grow around Mother Nature's love, the potential giant can reach its full size. In northern areas, up to 500 grams of buds are ready for harvest by mid-October.


Mesmerizing smokers from everywhere, Jack Herer mainly has a spicy, pine-like scent. It also boasts of a strong earthy aroma sprinkled with some fruity goodness. Those with a keen sense of smell liken its fragrance to a delicious cake mixed with some pepper.

The taste of this hybrid is similar to its aroma, delivering an earthy, spicy, pine-like taste to the palate. As the smoke exits, it leaves behind a dash of sweetness on the lips. Many describe the flavor as somewhat like a tropical fruit salad with a spicy note to it.


Perfect for wake and bake, Jack Herer's strong Sativa kick produces a long-lasting happy high. It is euphoric, yet users remain clear-headed, and it uplifts but never overpowers. This feel-good combination is the very reason why the strain manages to stay at the top. Throughout the years, it has been fuelling smokers of positivity and blissfulness.

The weed can also give users a much-needed energy boost that can keep them going for hours on end. Don't fear of hyperactivity, though. This strain is well-known for pairing its robust head buzz with a mellow and manageable body high. Its relaxing content is strong enough to tone down the increase in vigor. At the same time, it's not that powerful to couch-lock enjoyers.

With just a small toke or two, smokers can experience the best of both Sativa and Indica. It is an active yet calm high that is excellent for some pre-work smoke out. A wonderful choice before going to a social event, it can turn a wallflower into the life of the party.


Jack Herer is excellent for daytime use even for medicinal purposes. An effective pick-me-up strain, this weed provides relief for several mental health concerns. Its powerful and long lasting blissful high can uplift the depressed and stressed. It rids users of negative thoughts and emotions so they may instead bathe in positivity. Meanwhile, those weighed down by fatigue benefit from its vigor boosting ability.

Not only for dealing with psychological matters, the weed provides physical comfort too. The hybrid is efficient in easing pains and is popular to those with migraines and arthritis. Rich in analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, it can easily alleviate body afflictions.

As with most strong strains, Jack Herer can cause adverse reactions. Dry mouth and dry eyes are the most common side effects along with feelings of dehydration. Users can consume plenty of fluids to fix this.

It can also cause a bit of anxiety and, in rare cases, feelings of paranoia. Those who aren't used to the strength of this strain may also experience some mild dizziness. First-timers must go easy with this hard-kicker by taking one small puff at a time. On the other hand, users with low THC tolerance must stay away from this herb as to avoid those offshoots.


Jack Herer has wonderful benefits wrapped in lovely fragrance and flavor. Recreational and medical smokers of all experience level enjoy it. Cultivators are also having blast as the plant is easy to grow and yields heavily too. With its feminized Homegrown Cannabis seeds, even first-timers are having much success. This strain is truly worthy of the name it bears.


You can buy Jack Herer Feminized seeds per separate pack of 4, 8, 12 or 25 seeds.

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